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Lean Agile Procurement – Credential 2

On completion of LAP 1, you can train to become a ‘Master of LAP’ by completing the LAP2 credential.

LAP2 guides you over a longer period and includes a range of interactions and learning tools – like a blended learning programme.

Complete more formal learning structures and self-study supported by one-on-one coaching. Participants are encouraged to align their LAP learning with actual projects and circumstances in their own organisations.

Builds on the agile procurement practitioner’s understanding of LAP 1 to specifically include both negotiations and agile agreements as well as the agile procurement ‘Big Room’ execution. LAP2 also includes individual coaching sessions online with Mirko Kleiner, founder of LAP.

You master:

  • how to conduct agile conversations and negotiations
  • how to complete agile agreements and contracting


Lean Agile Procurement – Credential 2

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March 15 – April 5, May 10 – June 2


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