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Lean Agile Procurement – Credential 1

Begin with PASA Agile’s Lean Agile Procurement 1 (LAP1) accreditation and become an LAP specialist. Learn how to apply agile to procurement, including running the highly effective ‘Big Room’ which brings buyers and suppliers together instantly. The course is completed online over three consecutive days each involving four-hours of learning.

  • Understand what agile and lean-agile procurement are and when they would be applicable – in both a private and public sector context
  • How to use and leverage hands-on agile techniques to conduct more effective and responsive procurement
  • How the ‘Big Room’ workshop works and how it fits into a LAP procurement process
  • How to become more competitive by significantly reducing procurement timeframes and driving greater innovation

Graduates can also attend free PASA Agile alumni meet-ups and attend LAP2 and the Big Room Simulation Workshop.


Lean Agile Procurement – Credential 1

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13 – 17 May, 2 – 4 September, 27 – 29 November


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