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How to build your own spend Cube with Microsoft Power BI

Bring complex procurement data to life to assist your decision-making. 

This “dashboard in a day” workshop teaches you the fundamentals and techniques needed to build a Power BI Dashboard for the RFP/RFQ process.



At the end of the course you will gain a thorough understanding of how your dashboard is used in real-world projects. 


  • Instilling the fundamentals and techniques needed to building and fully utilising a Microsoft Power BI dashboard for procurement
  • Gain knowledge and confidence on how to use the dashboard effectively in real-world projects to make data-driven decisions.


Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone looking to understand how to use Microsoft Power BI. 

Great for experienced professionals looking for a new technique to assist in the procurement process and decision-making.

Indicative content

You will work through a real-life procurement process and understand how a Power BI dashboard can assist the decision-making process. 

Participants are encouraged to bring a current procurement project such as an RFP. 

The course will focus on a single costing template, but teach the fundamentals needed to build a range of RFP categories.

Content includes: 

  • Build a costing template
  • Get data into Power BI
  • Build response form templates



This course is run virtually over four-hours.

Your trainer

Rory Clarke 

Rory heads up the Business Intelligence Service Line for Pareto Toolbox and led the development of the BI visualisation tool for the Bank of New Zealand through rapid prototyping and Power BI expertise. 

An energetic consultant, Rory can quickly and accurately cut through information and data to gather requirements and deliver positive outcomes for his clients. 

He has a deep understanding of the Microsoft Power Platform and is excellent at architecting innovative solutions to solve business problems in the Microsoft stack. 


How to build your own spend Cube with Microsoft Power BI

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3 May, 7 September


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