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Bid Evaluation Today

Address the common challenges when comparing bids from competing vendors,  including simple RFIs, multiple proposals or complex tender responses.

Learn how to effectively compare total cost elements of vendor offers and the more subjective elements of a proposal or bid.

Confidently assess ESG offerings, sustainable procurement requirements, risk analysis, compliance and local economic benefit.

Course aims

The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, tools and understanding to design and apply fit-for-purpose evaluation processes to simple and complex procurements.


This workshop will enable you to:

  • Develop an appropriate evaluation plan
  • Select the most appropriate evaluation process 
  • Manage initial and detailed evaluation processes
  • Anticipate and pre-empt challenges that may arise
  • Manage probity during the process
  • Describe relevant case law and apply to typical evaluation challenges


Who should attend  

Anyone involved in bid evaluation who wishes to develop their capability can attend. Bid evaluation refers to the process of evaluating quotes, proposals, or tenders.

Indicative content

  • Define what represents value for money in a procurement project
  • Identify relevant evaluation criteria
  • Assign weightings
  • Develop an evaluation plan
  • Ensure evaluation process is consistent with probity standards
  • Engage and brief the evaluation team
  • Manage conflicts of interests and confidentiality
  • Receive bids and screen for completeness and conformance tomandatory criteria
  • Matching the evaluation process to the value and complexity of the responses
  • Simple weighted factor analysis
  • Complex evaluation mechanisms
  • Managing non-conforming and alternate bids
  • Issue mitigation
  • Shortlisting and selection
  • Case law relevant to bid evaluation
  • Making recommendations



Three mornings online, usually 9am-1pm AET time (Sydney/Melbourne) over 12 contact hours. Note times may vary.

Your trainer

Paul Rogers FCIPS is one of Australia’s leading independent procurement consultants with almost 40 years experience in procurement development and training work.


Bid Evaluation Today

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30 August, 11 October


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