Procurement called on to have a say in Hackett’s global study

Procurement leaders are being called on to provide key feedback for Hackett’s global 2023 Procurement Agenda and Key Issues Study. 

The survey is now live and Hackett wants to know how your team is preparing for success in 2023. The PASA community will get exclusive access to the study and an oversights of the regional results. 

The study generates essential insights on procurement function priorities, plans and strategies for next year and beyond. 

Submit your feedback. 

Insights the study will cover

Hackett invites procurement leaders in your organisation to share perspectives and gain insights, including:

  • driving business trends and strategic priorities of the enterprise that are expected to shape the procurement agenda in 2023.
  • 2023 key objectives, transformation plans and challenges for procurement organisations.
  • projected changes in procurement workloads, staffing levels, operating budgets and technology spending.
  • umst-do procurement improvement initiatives for enabling success in 2023.

This study is divided into three sections — demographics, procurement-function-specific and enterprise-level questions. 

Have your say

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. 

On collation of the insights Hackett release a anonymous research report with composite results and an exclusive invite to a webcast to delve into important findings from the research. 

Study participants will receive an anonymized research report with composite results and an exclusive invitation to a webcast that will delve into important findings from the research.

The key themes of the 2022 study 

1. Managing supply chain disruption and the growing sustainability agenda

While managing continuing supply disruption and its impact on revenue remain procurement’s top concerns, sustainability rose more than any other priority on the function’s 2022 agenda, compared to the previous year. Hackett said together, these priorities reflect a continuing elevation and broadening of the function’s role and value contribution beyond only delivering cost savings.

2. Digital transformation front and centre

Digital transformation remains a front and centre enabler, according to Hackett’s research which also suggests the bar has been raised. “But now refreshed with increased rigor around data management; the need to deliver up-to-date insights to inform supply risk, sourcing, and supplier management; and greater realization of the importance of obtaining value from technology investments,” Hackett said.

Hackett found historical projections around growth in adoption haven’t fully come to fruition, and predictions for 2022 adoption are somewhat tempered. The research also found procurement executives are concerned about their ability to deliver on digital transformation and certain enablers of it.

3. Maintaining a workforce equipped for the future

The study unearthed a concern by executives about maintaining an efficient, productive workforce with the evolving skills needed to meet the broader enterprise mandate. “Developing capabilities in areas such as supplier relationship management, sustainability and data-driven insights will be critical to enabling business success,” Hackett said. It also said functional leaders must try and navigate disruptions impacted by resignations and normalization of the work-from-anywhere model.

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