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23rd November 2023

PASA – Portt Webinar – ANZ Procurement Research Report.

The 5 Reasons Procurement Digital Transformations Fail

Download the ANZ Procurement Research Report

The 5 Reasons Procurement Digital Transformations Fail.

The Latest ANZ Research Revealed PLUS Hear from lead researcher key insights that didn’t make it into the report

Join us to gain invaluable insights into the latest research to come out of the ANZ region that reveals the 5 Key Barriers to being the strategic powerhouses you want and need to be. Over 300 procurement professionals were involved in this extensive research. At its core, this research underscores the imperative for procurement to make a shift from a servicing capability to a strategic one.

Shockingly, 65% of procurement professionals believe they are operating with a servicing capability. It’s time to change that narrative and join the ranks of the 35% who have already embraced strategic procurement.

During this webinar you’ll hear from the two companies that spear-headed the project, facilitated by our very own Jonathan Dutton, CEO, PASA.

Together, we will:

  • Unpack the 5 Barriers: Deep dive into the five key barriers that hinder procurement functions from reaching their full potential.
  • Technology as an Advantage Lever: Explore how technology can be more than just an efficiency driver.

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11am AEDT (1pm NZT)


Thursday 23rd November 2023


Silverio Governo

Silverio Governo

Head of Sales, ANZ and Country Manager, NZ – Portt, an Advanced Company

A seasoned relationship builder, Silverio has built a strong track record in helping organisations in both private and public sectors around the globe leverage the power of digitisation and business process improvement to deliver key results and overcome some of the most prevalent challenges. Having navigated the ever-evolving world of SaaS for over a decade, Silverio has developed a passion for helping organisations develop leading class digital experiences which he embraces at Portt, empowering procurement professionals to transcend conventional boundaries, furnishing them with the tools to actualise elevated outcomes through data-driven insights and unprecedented procurement visibility. 

Ngaia Calder

Ngaia Calder

Business Director, TRA

With a remarkable 17-year career dedicated to strategic research and customer insights, Ngaia boasts a profound expertise rooted in the qualitative practice domain.
Her unique prowess lies in the art of engaging with individuals from all walks of life, delving deep into the intricacies of their experiences, motivations, decision-making processes, and behavioural dynamics. Ngaia’s seasoned approach allows her to connect with people on a profound level, uncovering invaluable insights that drive transformative strategies.
Within TRA Australia, Ngaia is the guiding force behind research initiatives, leading her team from the inception of interviews through the meticulous design of surveys, and ultimately to the interpretation and presentation of findings. Her contributions transcend mere data analysis; they shape the very foundations of innovative, data-driven decision-making. Discover the essence of business acumen and research expertise in Ngaia Calder, where vision, experience, and insight converge to deliver unparalleled results.

Download the ANZ Procurement Research Report

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