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Podcast: Reflections, Vision, and Plans For The Rest of 2021

In this week’s episode of the Art of Procurement podcast, Philip Ideson delivers a solo show update on the year to date, looking at everything we’ve all been through and how it has changed our lives, our work, and our perspective on the future.

Listen in to hear his opinion on:

  • The overall impact of COVID on procurement as a result of how it has affected supply markets, talent availability, investment in technology, and socially-driven initiatives.
  • How the Art of Procurement team is working to make sure that we never get too comfortable, remaining open to feedback and inspiration, and continuing to raise the bar on ourselves
  • Purposeful changes we are making to the availability and delivery of our content and events to ensure that we remain aligned with what you need most

Listen to the full episode on the Art of the Procurement.

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