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Podcast: Macro-economic trends, automation, and innovative procurement

Every company and the professionals dedicated to their operational performance and efficiency are always evolving. Business conditions today are complex and unpredictable, so having a better understanding of the macro landscape can provide a significant competitive advantage.

During this Art of Procurement Live Session, Philip Ideson from the Art of Procurement was joined by Rujul Zaparde, the CEO of Zip, and Colin Glazier, the VP of Solutions Consulting at Zip. They shared insights on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and suggested strategies to make the most of the new year.

Rujul and Colin addressed questions from the Art of Procurement community on three key areas:

  1. How macro-economic trends and pressures will impact providers and practitioners differently and manifest in their work.
  2. The potential effects of no-code platforms and automation on user friction and compliance.
  3. Innovative procurement approaches that can influence specific categories and relationships now and in the future.

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