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PODCAST: How MetLife is Applying Automation to the Sourcing Process

Guest: Mahmood Shah, Director Global Procurement, MetLife

“We have to be able to talk in a language that the business understands, and they have to see the actual value of what [procurement is] bringing to the table over and over, above any type of savings, I think that’s the key for me.”

In this week’s podcast, host Philip Ideson speaks with Mahmood Shah, Director of Global Procurement at MetLife. He started his career in supply chain in the automotive and airline industries before making the switch to procurement and financial services. He has also worked on both sides of the direct/indirect spend line.

His experience and point of view are critical for any procurement organization weighing the benefits and challenges of full digital transformation. That doesn’t just mean taking the source-to-pay process online; it requires the leadership team to explore and employ the full advantages of bots and robotic process automation (RPA).

In this conversation, Mahmood shares his advice about:

  • The importance of having a vision for procurement digitalization that includes more personalized capabilities and self-service options for distributed buyers, and what boundaries (if any) should confine what non-procurement colleagues have access to do.
  • What he would do differently to market procurement within his organization if he had it to do over.
  • How to evaluate, select and implement RPA solutions specifically for procurement applications.
  • The kinds of changes further automation of procurement requires to the relationship between procurement and in-house IT.

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/artofprocurement/AOP270_Mahmood_Shah.mp3″ title=”How MetLife is Applying Automation to the Sourcing Process” artist=”Philip Ideson w/ Mahmood Shah” social_gplus=”false” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” ]

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