PODCAST: Designing an end-to-end ecosystem approach to procurement – Part four

In Part Four of this Art of Procurement special series, host Philip Ideson asks members of the WNS Denali team: How do you design an end-to-end ecosystem based procurement operating model – with a focus on procure to pay.

Throughout the four parts of this series, they provide their insight about the basics of an ecosystem approach, and then each set of guests digs into specifics across category management, source to contract, and procure to pay processes.

In the fourth and final episode in this series, he is joined by Sushant Adhikari, Director, and Sanjeev Singh, Director of Capabilities and Solutions, both at WNS Denali.

In this interview, Sushant and Sanjeev focus on the procure to pay process:

  • why it is a mistake (and a lost opportunity) to think of procure to pay as a tactical process
  • the critical role that data quality plays for organizations that are trying to maximize the ROI of their procure to pay capabilities
  • the most important challenges that leading procurement organizations are overcoming through mature procure to pay.

Listen to Part four. 

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