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PODCAST: Building Your Procurement AI Game Plan

Guest: Sammeli Sammalkorpi

I’m joined today by Sammeli Sammalkorpi, Co-founder of Sievo, in a discussion that was driven by the engaged audience that joined us for February’s AOP Live session. We  gathered questions in advance and fielded spontaneous ones during the event rather than wading through a conventional slide-driven talk on AI use cases.

One topic everyone kept coming back to was how to know when you are ready for an investment in AI and whether procurement is a good use case.

According to Sammeli, there are an increasing number of examples of how AI and machine learning add value in procurement. They include spend classification, capturing supplier information from public sources, and parsing the key terms from lengthy, complex contract documents. Automation can be implemented as a pilot project or an enterprise-wide effort, and it can improve legacy processes as well as parts of the business that have been deliberately re-worked to leverage the unique advantages of AI.

As you will see in the post-event download, audience questions ranged from the talent implications for teams looking to build AI-capabilities to building a business case for AI and ensuring it hits your desired ROI.

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