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PODCAST: Bringing procurement and sales together as a force for good

Procurement has the best seat in the business right now with more influence on spend than ever before, yet may still remain incredibly elusive to the sales teams 18 months into pursuing them. 

This Art of Procurement Podcast delves into the question “is procurement the problem or is sales just not getting it?” 

Regardless of which side you’re on, that answer is probably blocking deals and opportunities for innovation in your organisation.

It’s the seemingly age-old question for procurement people that now has a very clear answer bridging the gap between those that hold the spend and the ones looking to win their business.

Show host Katherine McCleery brings the two worlds together with guest Jill Robbins. Hear all about a masterclass on selling to procurement and how to make an impact on the value chain. 

Topics you’ll also hear about: 

  • why respecting procurement’s role and the strategic sourcing process will get you in the door for more conversations
  • how sales professionals can win future business by ensuring success after contracts are signed
  • the key to procurement’s future and the stakeholder collaboration that is building the value chain for innovative companies.

Listen to the Art of Procurement Podcast.

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