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August 10, 2023 | The Duxton Hotell

Perth Big Breakfast.

Our Big Breakfast events are back following the tremendous success of our sell-out 2022 series. We’re hosting seven Big Breakfast’s in seven cities throughout the region in 2023.

Connect and learn over breakfast.

We’re bringing an expanded program in 2023 to bring more procurement networking and knowledge over a tasty breakfast. Centre to each event is how best procurement can navigate today’s key challenges in the profession.


The Duxon Hotel, Perth


August 10, 2023

The Theme.

Each event will follow a similar theme, allowing key differences specific to each region.
Key challenges facing the procurement profession will be explored, including:

Mitigating the effects of high inflation – refocussing on value creation over cost savings

Delivering on stakeholder demands for raised ESG standards from the supply side

Rebalancing sourcing decisions based on risk management as well as cost advantage

Capturing the true benefits now available from eProcurement technology and digitalisation work

Reviewing the future of global sourcing from Australia & New Zealand in the face of deglobalisation worldwide

Understanding local needs and differences

Why you should attend.


From 7:00am:
Coffee, juice and networking

Breakfast served 

Introduction and welcome
The 4 unavoidable questions facing procurement throughout 2023

  • What new challenges do procurement practitioners face following the pandemic?

  • How are these exacerbated by the current context of high inflation, supply chain blockages, the war in Ukraine and growing ESG needs?

  • And, which are your TOP ESG priorities – compared to most people’s top nine?

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO, PASA

How Wesfarmers procurement teams work to deliver broader value beyond cost savings

The Wesfarmers group includes a wide range of businesses and brands across the retail and industrial sector – each with differing needs.

So, how do the decentralised procurement teams go about delivering a consistent supply side strategy yet deliver clear business value beyond simple cost savings for such a diverse range of stakeholders?

Stephen Turner, Group Procurement Manager, Wesfarmers

Global Sourcing Opportunities and Challenges for Australia in a Shifting Trade Landscape
Global supply chains have become increasingly stressed over the past few years. Various geopolitical, economic, environmental and public health factors have disrupted global trade and brought many challenges for procurement leaders. Most of these forces will reverberate throughout 2023.

Unavoidably, difficult strategic supply questions will have to be answered at an organisational level during 2023, presenting strategic procurement imperatives for most CPO’s, including not just cost in an inflationary world but also:

• Managing international supply chains and logistics during times of uncertainty

• Right-shoring – the importance of supply market diversification and establishing an agile sourcing strategy

• Balancing new supply risks against the cost advantages of sourcing from low-cost countries – including your exposure to China

• Supply chain transformation, digitalization and security

• Supply chain sustainability and still achieving your ESG objectives
Kobus van der Wath, CEO, Axis Group International

Coffee Break and Networking

Value beyond Cost: The articulation of Value in public sector procurement
The long-standing notion of ‘value for money’ only reaches so far when procurement can be so effectively used as an ‘instrument of policy’ in so many creative ways nowadays. Yet with so many challenges in front of both the procurement discipline and the public agenda, how can public procurement balance the many competing demands of many stakeholders and deliver true value beyond just cost savings? Especially with new government policies due soon that will impact the supply side agenda significantly.   
Amanda Branley MCIPS, CPO, Public Transport Authority, WA Government 

The Suppliers’ Viewpoint: What your suppliers really think
In future, buying from an oligopoly in the ANZ market, we are likely to become ever more dependent on local suppliers. So, what do suppliers REALLY think about the way we execute competitive tendering processes? Truly? What do procurement teams do (or not do) – perhaps even unwittingly – that lead to poorer RFx documents, sub-optimal tendering processes and lukewarm tenders and proposals? How can the other side of the negotiating table contribute to procurement best practice? Get the Top 6 TIPS on improving competitive sourcing outcomes – directly from your vendors …  
Dave Lunn MCIPS, Co-founder and Principal, BidWrite

Value beyond cost: How to bring Value beyond Cost from the supply-side
Cost-push inflationary pressures are very real in many countries, not just Australia. But they exacerbate the scarcity of savings we are already seeing in this region. Yet, in the post-pandemic era, stakeholders are demanding other priorities, of often equal merit, are also fulfilled – supply assurance and better ESG outcomes, particularly. How exactly are can a proactive procurement team work today to bring broader value from the supply-side to stakeholders who are demanding more and more.
Kevin McCafferty FCIPS, former CPO at four major Australian organisations Ventia, Fortescue, Qantas and Railcorp.  

Talent Development: Crafting your procurement L&D plan for the post Covid era
Procurement had a good Covid and stakeholders were impressed as we stepped-up to manage high-profile supply side issues. This has presented an opportunity for procurement to leveregae permanent gains – but do we have the capability to match our ambition? For many firms scrambling to survive the pandemic crisis, staff training will seem an indulgent luxury. But for procurement people there has never been a more important time to invest in building procurement capability … but how to do it cheaply yet wisely? 
Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO PASA

Close & Summary

  • Takeaway messages
  • Future PASA events

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO PASA

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What people say about our events.

The PASA conference was the best conference I had attended in many years – many practical advice and applications that my team and I can put to use straight away, a great investment of our time.

Procurement Professional

It was great to hear a wide range of presentations from a diverse mix of speakers, especially in person.

Procurement Professional 

I very much enjoyed the depth and variety of skills experience of the presenters.

Procurement Professional

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Perth Big Breakfast

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