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November 30, 2023 | Online

PASA Connect Personal Development Day.

A  one-day online event dedicated to your personal growth in procurement.

Fuel your professional and personal growth.

Back for the second year, our Personal Development Day is focused on your needs and designed with a proactive programme to boost your personal growth in a complex and challenging business environment. 

Facilitated by experts.

In 2022, we had 10 experts on hand to offer clear advice on how you can develop your career in procurement. 




November 30, 2023



REMO Platform open for networking


Taking charge of your own PDP and collecting CPD points to prove it

MC – Imelda Walsh, Director – Birdmont Group (Melbourne)


US based procurement influencer and blogger, The Procurement Girl, Katie McKwen joins the event LIVE from Cleveland, Ohio, to explain why procurement is such a great place to work and build a business career

Katie McEwen, Blogger, influencer & therapist on procurement – (US)


LIVE from Chicago

Our internal stakeholders often refer to suppliers as their commercial “partners”, but are those suppliers always treated as partners?  A key step in building a partnership is fostering empathy.  This leads to greater trust and the willingness to collaborate – which generates significant benefits and maintains probity.

What techniques and tactics can overcome the Top 10 pain points with suppliers and build empathy and teamwork?

Jim Bergman, CEO, Commercial Officers Group – (US)




Emotionally intelligent leaders have a high self-awareness about their own behaviors and how they influence their team, and their suppliers, which fosters more significant engagement.

And leaders who use EQ to foster engagement are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity, research suggests.

So, how can procurement managers build their EQ and utilize it to drive better outcomes with both stakeholders and suppliers?

Kristen Russell, Transformational Executive Coach (NSW)


This year, 2023, has proved the busiest ever for procurement – with The Hackett Group survey counting an +11% increase in workload post pandemic, and straw polls at PASA events indicating more – with higher inflation, supply risk, Covid rollovers, the skills shortage and ESG reframing every purchase decision.

How can ordinary procurement people do it all? How can you prioritise mor effectively, manage time better, de-stress and still deliver whilst spinning the plates of so many projects simultaneously.

The Time Tamer offers some time-proven suggestions

Barabara Clifford – The Time Tamer and leadership coach (NT)



This new service from PASA, primarily for PASA CONNECT members, offers a deeply experienced procurement consultant/coach & trainer as a hybrid service for procurement practioners.

Our coach melds the three approaches of coaching, training and consulting support into one seamless 60 minute package covering almost any topic in procurement in convenient and inexpensive one hour blocks ONLINE via TEAMS.

Name your topic and send a simple questions as a brief – and our coach will be ready to meet you, or your team, with an inventory of handy material and 30 years of experience in the front line of procurement … ready to help solve your problem right now in a practical way that ‘training’ or even ‘coaching’ cannot quite achieve on its own.

Stephen Ashcroft FCIPS, Procurement Coach, consultant & trainer (Europe)


LUNCH and ONLINE networking


Understanding how an AI avatar is now being used as a conversational BOT to train buyers online in negotiation – see a DEMO and consider how you could use it in short bursts

LIVE from New Zealand

Sarah Cotgreave FCIPS, – VP Sales, Asia Pacific Region, Lavenirai (Wellington)


Most people have many questions in crafting their own PDP and their team PDP as well. Often theses are centred around what can we achieve with little money and no time!

Also, though, should I do MCIPS or not? What about other procurement quals and the =AQF? Which short courses are available? What is 70-20-10 and does it work for procurement? How? Who can offer free online capability assessment in procurementland? Can INCO private training solve all our problems? What do others do?

The answers to all these questions and more is in the FREE PASA white-paper on ‘Learning & Development’ available to all attendees – and if you do not have 60 minutes ot read it – JD will explain it in less than 30 minutes for you.

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO, PASA (Melbourne)


How to get the best out of yourself … and shape your own PDP to do a better job for your organisation and yourself …

Imelda Walsh, MC


Platform open for networking for a short while

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