Free Webinar: Blow the whistle on corruption

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Webinar Title: Blow the whistle on corruption
Presenter: Sylvain Mansotte, CEO of Fraudsec
Date: Wednesday 22nd July 2015


Blow the whistle on corruption

As evidenced by numerous high-profile cases, fraud & corruption is happening on a huge scale, costing businesses around the World about 5% of their revenue, or over US 3.7T every year. Much of this fraud & corruption happens in procurement; a lot more and much closer to home than most people realize. And the best way to prevent it is by empowering people to do the right thing, by blowing the whistle when they believe something unethical or fraudulent is happening at work.

However, encouraging whistle-blowers to come forward has its own challenges.

During this webinar Sylvain Mansotte, CEO of Fraudsec, will draw on his own real-life experience as a whistle-blower to:

  • Explain how to develop the necessary training, systems, internal controls, audit process & procedures, whistle-blower reporting channels and tone from the top to best protect your business from fraud
  • Provide an understanding of what is in the mind of a whistle-blower when things don’t look right and how to get them to come forward
  • Reveal the pros and cons of existing solutions and where whistleblowing services are heading to satisfy cost, independence, two-way communication and probity in procurement issues


About the Presenter: Sylvain Mansotte, CEO, Fraudsec

Sylvain Mansotte

Sylvain arrived in Australia in 2005 and has over 17 years experience in Procurement, Supply Chain, Corporate Real Estate and more recently Risk & Fraud.

He has worked in various industries including Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electrical Equipment and Banking.

Sylvain is the Co-founder and CEO of Fraudsec, the first, global, independent, anonymous two-way communication whistleblower App.

Fraudsec is used by Organisations of any type and size to enable their employees to report fraud and corruption anonymously. It is also being used to improve probity around the Procurement function by issuing a unique Fraudsec url link and QR code with each tender, so that vendors can report any suspected wrongdoing anonymously.

Fraudsec was born after Sylvain uncovered one of the largest Corporate frauds in Australia a few years ago and realised at the time that there was not one independent whistleblower service provider allowing anonymous two-way communication.

Fraudsec is a responsive web application that can therefore work from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop) connected to the internet. Whistleblowers remain 100% anonymous using Fraudsec (outside of their Organisation network) as they do not have to enter any of their contact details while submitting a report to their organisation, and their IP address is being blocked by Fraudsec! Whistleblowers can send text and files to their organisation to help progress the investigation.

As per the Organisation, it stays in control of the investigation by having the opportunity to communicate with the whistleblower using Fraudsec two-way communication technology as well as the case management feature built into Fraudsec.