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PASA wants to hear about your procurement hacks

You’re standing on the edge of a busy road. It’s been a frantic day and you’re pressed for time. You know that you should walk two minutes up the footpath to use the pedestrian crossing, but when there’s a break in the traffic, you decide to dart across the street instead. You know it’s risky (and a bit illegal), but the time saved is worth it…

Time-pressed procurement practitioners have one standing brief that is universal to all – achieve MORE for LESS. But how do we do this in the context of still meeting stringent compliance requirements?

The result is the development of ‘hacks’ to help. It’s a new skillset in the profession, but there’s a fine line between a smart hack and a potentially illegal shortcut, particularly where strict policies and compliance procedures are concerned.

PASA wants to hear about YOUR procurement hacks! What hacks do you use to speed up stakeholder communication, sourcing, and post-contract management? What other areas of the job are frustratingly slow and therefore ripe for hacking?

Share your (legal) hacks with us at content@pasa.net.au and help us create a list of top hacks in procurement. All hacks will be published anonymously.

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