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PASA Launches Professional Development Points Scheme for Procurement Professionals

Pasa Launches Professional Development Points Scheme For Procurement Professionals

Continuous professional development (CPD) points are now available to anyone attending PASA’s events and training.  

Procurement professionals can use these points for their own personal development programme with their employers and the CIPS CPD scheme. 

This scheme is open to all procurement delegates in Australasia. It rewards proactive professionals who want to develop their career and plan ahead through their own personal development plan (PDP) best crafted with line managers as part of your organisation’s capability development programme and individual development plans.

Begin logging points immediately by downloading and filling out the PASA CPD Points Log.

Collect more points by joining PASA Connect 

PASA Connect members get a fresh start each year, allowing you to maximize your CPD efforts and archive previous year’s logs within our exclusive member site.

PASA Connect brings together more than 800 procurement professionals in an exclusive peer to peer membership network.

With over 60 expert-led peer-to-peer roundtables offered each year on most topics relevant to modern procurement needs, PASA Connect members can easily target and collect CPD points to support their personal development planning.

PASA is centred around helping people do a better job through sharing ‘procurement in practice’  and continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential part of getting better at what we do as practitioners in procurement. Start collecting, download the CPD Points Log.

Points you can collect

PASA ActivityPoints to be claimed
PASA Connect1 point per roundtable
PASA Conferences1 point per hour of content consumed (ie 16 points for a two-day conference)
PASA Connect Big Breakfasts1 point per hour of content consumed (maximum 4 points earnt)
PASA Training1 point per hour of content consumed 
The Insider weekly eNewsSubscriber and read weekly (0.5 points per issue read)
PASA white-paperDownloaded and read (1 point per white paper)

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