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PASA Connect Session Highlight: Seven Keys to Drafting Tight Scopes of Work and Clear SLAs for Inclusion in Your Tender.

This short sneak peek is taken from a recent PASA Connect session facilitated by Jim Bergman

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PASA Connect supports the procurement community by providing procurement teams with the support they need to grow, develop and succeed. It is a highly relevant, locally driven, professionally led learning and development network for procurement teams – the ultimate procurement learning platform!

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Access live weekly virtual learning and development sessions, learn from a diverse line-up of experts, and thought leaders, share common challenges and solutions with peers.

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About the session.

This session addresses:

•             The differences between SOWs and SLAs, as well as their common risks

•             How to differentiate the SOW and SLA in an outcomes- and performance-based contract

•             How to modify the SOW and SLA as one transfers from a resource deal to a result deal

•             The Five Cs of drafting

•             Is completeness a cure or curse?

•             And more…

Your expert facilitator.

Jim Bergman – CEO – Commercial Officers Group

Jim is former Board member and Senior VP for IACCM in this region and is a deeply experienced commercial contracts attorney for Amaco and a procurement and supply chain management professional, who brings his experience as a category management and strategic sourcing leader with extensive international training and consulting experience in supply chain management across the USA and UK, Europe, China, India, SE Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. 

He has experience working in both the public and private sectors on a wide range of direct and indirect spend categories and has a broad knowledge of numerous aspects of service, goods, and technology supply chains – including in to and throughout Australia. Jim is the founder of the US based ‘Commercial Officers Group’ a global advisory and training organisation.

View the full 45 minute session

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