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PASA Connect Session Highlight: Future Proof Your Future Career.

This short sneak peek is taken from a recent PASA Connect session facilitated by Imelda Walsh

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PASA Connect supports the procurement community by providing procurement teams with the support they need to grow, develop and succeed. It is a highly relevant, locally driven, professionally led learning and development network for procurement teams – the ultimate procurement learning platform!

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Access live weekly virtual learning and development sessions, learn from a diverse line-up of experts, and thought leaders, share common challenges and solutions with peers.

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Connect with over 800 procurement professionals in Australia and New Zealand, grow a valuable network of peers, mentors, and advisors to elevate your procurement game.

About the session.

Most procurement people have been working at home for almost two years and while most initially relished at the “work from home” concept the question is how is it for you NOW?

There have been studies conducted surrounding people’s attitudes to returning to office work post-crisis.  One finding is that a number of buyers have enjoyed working from home enormously. In fact, some don’t want to return to work in a large impersonal office. Others however, are desperate to get back to the office environment. 

Then there are those who had no choice, being let go early in the crisis. A noticeable number took the chance of early-retirement or voluntary severance early in the crisis; or even long-service or unpaid leave. 

Some have used the ‘gift-of-time’ well to acquire new skills or develop thoughts of what they truly want from their career. Some people from non-procurement roles sometimes found themselves redeployed internally into procurement, and now do not want to leave. All in all, there is still opportunity in procurement – even during a crisis. 

For a variety of reasons, not least job retention in a more competitive marketplace, buyers everywhere are now working to develop their personal brand, their resumes and their career development programme all to make themselves a better candidate next time or, just to futureproof their career’s a little.

Your expert facilitator.

Imelda Walsh – Director, Birmont Group

Imelda is a seasoned procurement recruitment and coaching professional, her experience spans from senior positions with major international companies to boutique agencies. She works across all areas of procurement recruitment including interim contracting, permanent recruitment and executive search.

Over her career, she has partnered with Chief Procurement Officers, senior leaders and C-level executives around Australia to help build high-performing teams across multiple industries. Her unique understanding of what is needed by both clients and candidates allows her to provide customised and adaptive solutions.

She is passionate about changing lives and making a positive impact by coaching talented people through their career journey, advising them on how to make the right decisions to help them find fulfilling careers.

Above and beyond recruitment, she partners with clients and candidates to provide advisory and mentoring services that drive success in today’s competitive market.

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