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Out of adversity comes opportunity….. for procurement!

Opportunity will be a major theme for PASA during the remainder of 2020, shining a light on the huge opportunities for procurement that the COVID 19 pandemic is creating.

Most of those opportunities will centre on how smart procurement professionals are using the crisis to adopt novel tactics and strategies that deliver better outcomes. This in turn raises the recognition and profile of the profession. However, the first opportunity I want to draw your attention to is not a new tactic or strategy, but rather a way of learning them.

PASA Connect is now available everywhere

PASA Connect enables you to get out of the bubble of your own organisation (and study, living room, dining room) to see how others are addressing the kinds of issues or challenges that you are facing every day. This is more relevant than ever in the current climate.

For the last four years PASA Connect has predominantly brought members together for physical round-table sessions, resulting in membership only being practically available to people within reasonable distance of the main cities in which it operated ie: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland.

But with the move to virtual, you can join and get the benefits of PASA Connect wherever you are, be that Perth, Canberra, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere else that would previously have made membership impractical.

Going Virtual

For the last two years PASA Connect has conducted about 20% of the round-tables virtually. However, the social distancing requirements have seen this rapidly switched to 100% virtual. And our members are loving it!

PASA Connect is currently running 5 – 6 virtual round-tables per week, focussed on a wide range of topics, roles and categories. Demonstrating great agility, the programme has been extensively re-engineered in the last few weeks to include heaps of sessions directly related to how to best manage procurement and contracting issues arising from the pandemic.

All round-table sessions are led by expert facilitators, meaning you get the chance to draw on their extensive knowledge and experience, as well as that of the other members.

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