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NZ’s $2.5 billion Defence spending decision may not be put to tender

Stuff.co.nz  reports that the New Zealand Government may be set to receive advice to make a $2.5 billion defence spending decision, without going to tender.

Stuff understands officials are preparing to deliver a proposal that would see the purchase of a replacement for the Air Forces’ ageing Hercules C-130 airplanes bypass the tender process and go straight to “sole-source” procurement.

The Ministry of Defence would not be drawn on whether it planned to circumnavigate the tender process, but confirmed a paper with recommendations on the next steps would be going to Cabinet in the coming weeks.

Read more: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/112948824/fancy-new-planes-for-the-defence-force–but-will-a-25b-decision-be-put-to-tender

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