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About the Bootcamp:
We learn best by doing, when we feel safe to make mistakes. Trusted Negotiator Online Bootcamp is an intensive and fully immersive learning and development environment designed to produce deep understanding of key knowledge, provide practical experience in its application and build confidence in implementation. The Online Bootcamp is an intensive 14 hour program, conveniently structured in a way that allows you to be most focused, engaged and leveraging the cumulative learnings effectively over a condensed period of time.
Day One: 9.30am to 10.30am AEDT : Induction and technical set-up
Days 2,3 & 4: 8.30am – 12.30pm AEDT
The Online Bootcamp is an intentionally designed digital environment to enable a small group of 6-12 participants to experientially discover and experiment with tool, techniques, behaviours and ways of thinking in a safe space that is facilitated by a Trusted Negotiator facilitator. You will get the chance to role play, rehearse and practice in the context of carefully curated and progressively challenging deal simulations, designed to surface the essential learnings. The deal simulations are reflected on and debriefed by the Facilitator, who helps you identify and unpack your learning opportunities, “catches the good” in your behaviours in the deal simulations and provides relevant knowledge content.
You will be challenged as well as supported to try new ways of “being” and “doing” things that make the biggest impact in negotiations. This program is the essential training and preparation for “the Olympics” of business life that demands the best of you. By going “all in” during deal simulations, you get the essential practice that doesn’t put your company and your own credibility, value or relationships at risk, so that you feel confident and fully prepared when it comes to live action.


Benefits for the Participants

  • Learn how to use the 7 Point Negotiation Framework to gain perspective, clarity, direction and control in navigating what is often a chaotic, intense and unpredictable communication dynamic
  • Develop a negotiation Toolkit and your proficiency in using these tools and techniques
  • Discover how to build Trust to unlock unrealised value in your negotiations
  • Gain clarity on how to connect your negotiation outcomes with overall business Strategy
  • Master how to counteract bullying and aggressive behaviours at the negotiation table
  • Develop a robust methodology to prepare and align with others in a team negotiation
  • Master the principles of Connected Communication to build common ground with your counterpart, uncover real needs, craft and pitch proposals
  • Gain expanded awareness of self and others by taking a deep dive into Psychodynamics
    • to understand how all decisions are made and how to influence this process
    • to manage perceptions of Power and Value
    • to leverage your own and your counterpart’s Emotional Triggers for deeper influence and impact
    • Expand your personal potential, professional credibility and impact

We believe that with trust and collaboration, people can solve any business or social issue.

Negotiation is not just something we do. It’s a reflection of who we are. Leveraging our collective 200+ year’s experience in high stakes negotiations, our intention is to transform not only conversations, but people; to turn inequality and conflict into partnerships that amplify value and impact.

Cognitive competency is not enough for the type of leadership the future demands. In order to become trusted and negotiate a better future, leaders need to engage higher-level awareness, integrity, collaboration, empathy and purpose. Our proprietary WinWith™ negotiation methodology is a convergence of our thought leadership and real world experience in high stakes negotiation, leadership, behavioural psychology, neuroscience and strategy. It reveals new opportunities for conscious impact in any negotiation or crucial conversation.

Better negotiation outcomes employ emotional and spiritual intelligence, as well as strategic smarts. If you understand your own emotional state and how you’re conveying it, as well as understanding that very same process in your counterpart, you can use that knowledge to leverage results. And if you truly understand the values and purpose of your own business and those of your partner then you are better positioned to shape consistent and productive WinWith™ negotiations.

How are we different?

  1. We produce behavioural change

Your time away from “doing your job” is an opportunity cost. We transform it into a high yielding investment. Our multifaceted and cutting edge methodology ensures that your learning is engaging, relevant, practical and sustainable, empowering you with tools that you need to make the highest impact.

  1. We unlock relationship value

The most forward-thinking and influential negotiators foster collaboration over combat. You will develop the mindset and skillset that enable you to unlock more value in every deal and expand the lifetime value of your strategic relationships.

  1. We transfer over 200 years of negotiation experience to your team

Unlike academic theory delivered by tutors, we walk our talk. Our team brings learning to life with a wealth of personal high-stakes negotiation experiences and inspiring real-life stories that will transform your learning to one that is memorable, relatable and transferable into your business.

  1. We Connect the Dots

Your deals don’t happen in a vacuum. A great deal outcome is deeply connected with your overall business Strategy, Leadership and Culture. We help you connect the dots.

Our Methodology

Our methodology develops a broader and deeper awareness that ensures that participants’ actions are always focused on their company’s bigger picture, not just the parameters of the transaction at hand. The most forward-thinking and influential negotiators foster collaboration over combat and utilise their skills intuitively in all interactions. We develop this mindset and skillset that unlock more value in every deal and expand the lifetime value of your strategic business relationships.

Our program centers around Experiential Learning including deal simulations, open discussions, coaching and peer teaching/coaching.

The way we facilitate and debrief deal simulations is based on Kolb Learning Cycle, where learning is seen as an integrated process, with each of the four learning stages being mutually supportive of and feeding into the next. You develop skills and confidence via practicing in a safe environment so that you are fully prepared and confident for your crucial deals.



Standard Price – $2,200 + GST

PASA Connect Members – $1,760 + GST

New Zealand-based

Standard Price – $2,200 AUD

PASA Connect Members – $1,760 AUD

No GST charged on New Zealand sales