Masterclass: Advanced Procurement Negotiation Skills

Masterclass: Advanced Procurement Negotiation Skills

5th & 6th May 2016 | Sydney
12th & 13th May 2016 | Melbourne


About the Masterclass

PASA have teamed up with Negotiation Partners to bring you this Masterclass on Advanced Procurement Negotiation Skills.

Master sophisticated techniques to drive more value, motivate others and increase your bargaining power. Emerge with a practical toolkit to resolve day-to-day issues, mediate challenging disputes, navigate complex deals and improve organisational performance.

Effective negotiation skills are critical to business success. This Masterclass will teach you how to analyse, prepare for and execute techniques to succeed in both commonplace business and challenging high-stakes scenarios. Combining research and live case studies, the Masterclass centres on a series of interactive, practical negotiation sessions, supported and enhanced by one-on-one coaching and feedback from professional negotiators. Note: If you’re planning on expanding your business overseas then you may need to look for business language training to improve and speed up negotiations.

Investment in this masterclass will deliver an exceptional ROI to your organisation. Think about the spend you manage and negotiate on. Then think what even a 1% improvement in the outcomes you achieve through better negotiation would mean to your organisation. Try presenting that to whoever holds the budget….they would be mad to turn you down!

How you will Benefit

By the end of this TWO DAY Masterclass, participants will have built a practical toolkit of negotiation techniques, professional skills, templates and powerful tips enabling them to:

  • Negotiate confidently through difficult situations
  • Recognise and eliminate weak points
  • Prepare easily and effectively for any negotiation scenario
  • Identify and leverage opportunities for value creation
  • Determine and apply the right tools for each scenario
  • Generate bottom-line impact from improved deal outcomes
  • Develop a common negotiation approach and language
  • Reduce the power of external parties by learning how to deploy negotiating power more effectively
  • Develop better relationships with stakeholders through more effective win-win negotiations
  • Become more engaged and empowered

Who is this Masterclass for?

Are you or your team regularly negotiating important or challenging contracts? This program is designed for procurement professionals who already have good negotiation skills and want to raise their game to the next level and beyond. We will build on their natural skills to deliver long-term results that are currently beyond their reach.


Cooperation and alignment are in, confrontation is out. In a world of changing priorities, the old ways of doing business just don’t cut it anymore. But if cooperation is in, how can you create competitive tension to unlock value? Effective negotiation skills are vital – not just for negotiations with suppliers, but also for managing internal stakeholders. They are also pretty handy for negotiating at home with builders, teenagers, family and neighbours – because in business and in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

The Masterclass provides a challenging and safe environment for participants to try, fail, learn, review and practice over 100 simple, yet powerful and effective, negotiating skills and achieve positive outcomes for both sides:

  • Preparing for the best result
  • Creating value
  • Utilising power and leverage
  • Dealing with different styles
  • Making powerful proposals
  • Resolving conflict
  • Structuring and repackaging deals
  • Managing aggression
  • Breaking deadlocks
  • Responding to unreasonable demands
  • Active questioning techniques
  • Countering tactics and tricks
  • Improving closing skills


There is a Masterclass limit of 12 participants with a maximum of 3 participants from any one company.