Lean Agile Procurement – Private Workshops and Coaching

While In Australia during the week commencing 23rd March, Mirko Kleiner will also be available for private/in-house workshops or personal coaching sessions.

Competitive Advantage via lean-agile Procurement – Inspiration Workshop

(Inspiration Workshop with extended Q & A)

Learning Objectives: With the inspiration workshop “Competitive Advantage via Lean-Agile Procurement” you gain an overview of the lean procurement canvas, the procedure for agile procurements and an outlook on how agile influences the partner management, the procurement organization or projects positively. You furthermore get insights in the awarded success story with CKW Group, that won the CIPS Supply Management Award 2018 Europe.

Timing: 4 hours incl. Q+A and applicable exercises.

Agile Coaching

This coaching is really most relevant to organisations that have already completed the Lean-agile Procurement Workshop and are looking to advance their first project. Agile coaches work with a focus on business agility, work methodology, organizational design and scaling.

This coaching is quoted and charged on an hourly basis.


If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, in the first instance please contact:

Nigel Wardropper
T. 0411 845 234
E. nigelw@pasa.net.au