Innovation in Procurement and Supply Masterclass






15th July 2021 | 9.00am to 2.00pm

Innovation is the lifeblood of human progress, including making our procurement and supply functions and activities more effective. With effective innovation, your procurement activities can improve both their efficiency and service level effectiveness. This course will unpack innovation into its core elements and deliver practical tools and frameworks for implementing innovation in procurement and supply activities. There are many benefits from becoming ‘systematically innovative’ including improving performance and also attracting/retaining talented staff.

During this  master class, we will provide two key frameworks in detail, and, after each is presented, participants will be given time to ‘internalise’ these through practical ‘learning by doing’ workshops. First, we will consider how to effectively create, collect then evaluate and choose the best innovative ideas: and take the best ideas only, forward. We’ll present in detail the ‘eight tests of new ideas’ in the context of procurement work, used to decide which ideas to develop further and test.

Second, we will discuss and evaluate the innovative capability of organisations, such as your procurement function/ organisation, or whole organisation. These capability elements’ strengths and weaknesses lead (in workshop) to creating a first cut innovation strategy!

Who should attend

  1. Procurement managers/ leaders who guide innovation activities
  2. Supply chain managers who wish to know more and foster more effective innovation
  3. People from any level in procurement or supply functions who wish to contribute to their organisation’s effective innovation
  4. General managers wishing to guide innovation strategy and capability

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the challenges and benefits of innovation activity, and how best practice organisations work in this regard, including in their procurement activities
  2. Know how to apply the ‘eight tests of innovation’ to creative ideas, in order to prioritise these for further action
  3. Articulate and evaluate the core elements of ‘systematic innovation capability in procurement functionality
  4. From an evaluation of procurement innovation capability, know how and be able to formulate and implement a ‘go forward’ innovation strategy for your function and organisation

Your Facilitator

Danny Samson, Professor and CoEditor in Chief at Operations Management Research