How Procurement can manage inflation white paper download

How Procurement Can Help Manage Inflation – FREE PASA white-paper

Inflation is rising inexorably –it is currently 5.1% (Q1 2022) in Australia yet 6.9% in New Zealand (and 7.1% in the UK and 8.3% in the US). Many forecast rates to climb significantly higher. This erodes purchasing power and raises our relative cost base – a 7% inflation rate doubles COST in ten years, mathematically. So $9 for a coffee, $60,000 for a basic new car, within 10 years if inflation rises 7%

The nature of the inflation we face today is largely COST-PLUS driven inflation – as the white-paper explains economically. A type of inflation that PROCUREMENT should be able to mitigate for their organisations. This white-paper also offers professional buyers 10 Top Tips on managing inflation from the supply side.

Our one-time PASA TRAINING course with Paul Rogers FCIPS is set for 16th 17th and 18th August 2022  – ONLINE over three mornings (9am-1pm AET) this course explains “HOW” to manage inflation from procurement in detail. You will learn about the available methods, tools and capability needed to manage price increase requests from suppliers,  including the role of price variation formulae, price increase clauses in contracts, buying buffer stock and other tactical responses. This short, practical and interactive workshop includes presentations, checklists, small group discussions, quizzes and Q&A to open up the discussion about what you can do proactively to manage inflation. More info or to book