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How Has Government Procurement In Australia And New Zealand Caught Up With The Private Sector

The speed of government procurement in Australia and New Zealand has caught up with the private sector thanks to the development of technology. Daniel Benad, Regional GM, Australia and New Zealand, Rimini Street, tells us how Digital Transformation has enhanced the process for the public sector.

We’ve seen many a manual task go the way of the dodo in favor of a digital alternative in the past 30 years. From the film in a camera becoming a memory card to the development of e-Tags to replace the toll booth, not much of what we did in the 1900s remains the same in 2020.

The procurement process was one of the last holdouts of its era and, many would argue, one of the reasons behind the perception of the ‘speed of government’ being slow compared to the rate of innovation within the private sector.

Read the full article on Intelligent CIO.

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