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Grosvenor tops the professional services category of the 2024 Australian Financial Review’s Best Places to Work list

Grosvenor Award

Grosvenor has taken out the top spot in the professional services category of the 2024 Australian Financial Review (AFR) BOSS Best Places to Work list, fending off competition from the likes of Slalom and Kearney.

The management consulting firm was recognised for its forward-thinking Visible Development Pathway Initiative, which it launched in 2022.

The program helps employees develop their careers and become recognised experts in areas linked to the firm’s service offerings, through a mix of learning, development, content marketing and public speaking.

Speaking to the AFR, Grosvenor managing director Stefan Gassner said, “There’s quite a bit of research out there on how professional services firms can win work, and visible expertise is one of the main driving factors. Clients will only buy from someone who’s the expert in a specific field.”

Charitee Davies, associate director of capability, development and governance, told the publication that the freelancer economy during the COVID-19 pandemic was a driving force behind the initiative, which saw demand for consultants with public-sector expertise soar as governments sought assistance.

“We saw that it was going to get pretty tough for small or mid-tier consulting firms to compete as an employer of choice,” Davies said.

Reflecting on the challenge of retaining senior employees, she added, “How can we offer the benefits and the bits that people like about contracting work, but still offer them job security and that connectedness as a team? That’s how the visible expert pathway was brought to life.”

The initiative – which is now open to all employees and operates on an opt-in basis – has proved to be a strong success, according to Grosvenor’s annual staff surveys.

Staff sentiment, engagement and motivation scores have all improved, alongside the number of public speaking engagements.

Aside from the visible expert initiative, Grosvenor was also applauded for its focus on work-life balance, values-focused approach to recruitment and twice-yearly 360-degree performance reviews.

“It’s obviously well publicised that work nowadays needs to fulfil a purpose, and it also needs to allow for things outside of work to be meaningful as well,” Gassner told the publication.

“You can’t build a business model that relies on junior resources working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and not having space for anything else in their life.”

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