Futureproofing your supplier relationships & SRM – Dr Sara Cullen





27th & 28th May & 15th & 16th June 2021, Online 4 x 3 hours  1.00pm – 4.00pm

Course Overview

Supplier relationships are critical to any enterprise that depends on external providers. Leading organisations know that it’s vital to manage these relationships well – at both the corporate and interpersonal levels.

The course starts at the most strategic level by to categorising your suppliers by mutual importance (how important each party is to the other). This sets up what is possible. We then design the behaviours that one of your key relationships requires, learn how turn these into a scorecard and contract feature, and how make it work in practice.

To kick off implementation, we learn how to influence everyone involved in the relationship. During the three weeks, you’ll be observing behaviour gaps in both parties and choosing a quick win to implement for our follow-up session.


1. Categorise your suppliers by the different relationships.
2. See if your relationship is working and what to do about it.
3. Turn one of your relationship into a high performing one with some simple techniques.
4. Get everyone on the same page, wherever their current thinking is.
5. Plan a good relationship from start to finish – even before you’ve selected any suppliers

Your Facilitator

Dr Sara Cullen is a global authority having helped over 150 organisations, spanning 51 countries, representing $18 billion in contracts. She is the author of 19 books and 134 best practice and research publications. Sara has been featured in the Australian Financial Review, Directions in Government, Information Economics, New Accountant, Property Australia, Oxford Handbook, and Strategic Asset Management.

She was a National Partner and Global Thought Leader at Deloitte. Sara has a PhD, a MBA, and BSc. She is a Chartered Accountant (US) and Certified Mediator. She is a Fellow at the University of Melbourne, an Assoc. at the London School of Economics, and a Fellow of IACCM (International Assoc for Commercial & Contract Management).