Free Webinar: Tomorrow’s Procurement Systems Here Today

Tomorrow’s Procurement Systems Here Today
The extinction of procurement as we know it and why Tradeshift’s success in China matters to the ANZ market

DATE: Wednesday 8 March 2017
Time: 10AM AEST

It’s no secret that we live in a world of instantaneous connectivity. With the uprising of digital disruption and networked economies, procurement has emerged as the wheelhouse of transformation. Whilst this is a positive for our function, many companies find that their race to drive such change is inhibited by the shackles of tradition and decades old technology. Truth be told most procurement and supply chain systems haven’t fundamentally changed since the mid-90’s and as a result hold significant inabilities when trying to support the demands of today’s needs.

With the rules of engagement redefined, the toolbox of yesteryear can no longer be patch-worked into submission. Why are networks important? One example – China! China’s new ‘silk road’ is going to be an astonishing powerhouse of trade but if you’re not connected, you can pretty much kiss your opportunity of merchantry goodbye.

Are you ready for tomorrow today? We welcome you to join the Tradeshift brain trust as we explain why procurement as we know it is dead; what that means for your business and why trade in China matters to you and the ANZ economy.

Tradeshift has recently launched in the ANZ market after rocket success in China, Japan, Europe and North America. As a true open platform, Tradeshift unapologetically approaches procurement differently. From enterprise procure-to-pay and supplier engagements, to solutions for sellers and SMBs, Tradeshift helps companies tailor solutions that can quickly adapt to their changing needs. Unique to the market, Tradeshift moves beyond legacy.

The Tradeshift Braintrust: