FREE Webinar: The “So What” Strategy

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Friday 6 March 2020

The ability to communicate strategically so that business audiences of all stripes can not only grasp your point quickly but see the value you bring is essential for today’s Procurement Professionals. Mastering a simple three-step process is key to going beyond being a solid performer and being recognised as a value-adding partner in your business. In this webinar Davina will help you:

  • Think more deeply about your audience and purpose
  • See how to structure your thinking around one key idea that is supported powerfully and
  • Have ideas for delivering that thinking in whatever form is necessary to engage your audience quickly

Presented by Davina Stanley, MD Clarity Thought Partners

Davina Stanley helps professionals get faster approvals by communicating complex ideas clearly.

Davina’s clients learn structured communication techniques that offer a ‘go to’ process every time they communicate, including when they

  • Lead their teams through setting clear context, expectations and deliverables
  • Seek endorsements from senior executives and boards
  • Serve their clients

Davina’s clients gain advantage from her innovative and rigorous skill-building programs.

Her clients also benefit from her top-tier experience. She began helping others use structured communication techniques when she joined McKinsey’s Hong Kong office in 1996.

Since then she has helped professionals from graduates to the C-suite across most industry sectors in Australia and overseas.

Davina will be conducting a blended learning programme through May, June and July in conjunction with PASA. Full details here