Free Webinar: Ten Tips on Improving Overall Profits through Effective Contracting

Topic: Ten Tips on Improving Overall Profits through Effective Contracting

Date of webinar: 29th March 2016

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Regardless of industry or geographic location, far too many commercial relationships and related contracts do not perform well. IACCM research has indicated that commercial contracting can contribute 9.15% increased profitability through flawless execution in commercial contracting.  While this is a lofty ambition, most contracting practitioner can contribute to eradicating this profit leakage.

Practitioners need insight on where the sources of this ineffectiveness and inefficiency lie, and this session will explore those causes.

 Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Contract structure and tools
  • Contracting and Contract Management methods and models
  • Contract management strategies
  • Contracting skills and capability planning

The cumulative effect of these factors strongly contributes to overall revenue leakage, or lost profits, at an enterprise.  This session will address ten tips that will improve overall profits through effective contracting and contract management.

Presenter: Jim Bergman, Vice President of APAC/Middle East, IACCM

Jim has extensive contracting and negotiation experience in supply management and strategic sourcing, as well as IMG_0171cropsales, Jim Bergman serves as Vice President of APAC/Middle East for IACCM and is focused on the effective implementation and execution of leading contracting practices set forth by IACCM. Previously, Mr. Bergman was a contracts attorney for a Fortune 500 petrochemical corporation, Amoco Corporation, and was responsible for legal and negotiations support to the procurement staff.  He supported multiple locations globally, where he addressed strategic sourcing and legal issues concerning commodities and services valued at more than $1 billion annually. Mr. Bergman’s experience encompasses developing, negotiating and managing contracts for a wide array of projects with multiple clients.