FREE Webinar: Procurement: A new platform for change and innovation

Date:  Friday 21 July 2017
Presenter:  Christian Lanng, CEO and Co-Founder, Tradeshift

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Procurement leaders have for too long struggled to get heard within the business, too often viewed as roadblocks or bureaucratic. While delivering savings and standardisation to the business is an important part, there is much more that procurement can offer to generate strategic value. We at Tradeshift believe procurement is a new platform for change and innovation.

The speed of change is quickly distinguishing the leaders from the followers. Whether it’s a process, a new technology or a new product, the ability to change fast is critical and procurement plays an important role. Additionally, there is no single company with as much innovation capacity as all its suppliers combined and procurement is the gatekeeper to this invaluable resource.

Join entrepreneur and Tradeshift’s CEO Christian Lanng as he shares his vision for procurement.

Christian Lanng is the CEO, Co-founder and Chairman of Tradeshift. Christian started his first technology company at age 19 and was the
youngest Head of Division in the Danish Government, National IT and Telecom Agency. Christian is a recognised thought leader and Fortune
500 advisor, as well as a member of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of IT Software and Services, World Economic Forum. He
frequently keynotes conferences on topics such as digital disruption and business agility, and supply chain sustainability.