Free Webinar: The 7th RIGHT

Free Webinar: The 7th RIGHT

The new urgency of buying in the RIGHT WAY

Webinar Date:  Wednesday 22nd March
Presented by: Jonathan Dutton, FCIPS

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About the Webinar:

Join Open Windows Jonathan Dutton as he deep dives into the theory behind his latest whitepaper, The 7th Right – The new urgency for buying in the RIGHT WAY.

Procurement professionals are well versed in the 5 rights of purchasing, ensuring ‘the right goods, of the right quality, turn up at the right place at the right time, at the right price’, and the more recently accepted, 6th Right, to ensure the goods are purchased from the right source. In this webinar Jonathan Dutton identifies the rise of a new ‘7th Right’; to purchase in the right way.

Driving this new right is the growing public pressure for organisations to not only deliver optimal outcomes, but be transparent about the way they have achieved their outcomes. More and more stakeholders are concerned over whether the commercial ends justify the purchasing means. That is, does the outcome we wanted justify the exact process we deployed?

Join Jonathan Dutton on Wednesday, 22nd March, as he discusses the drivers behind the need for a transparent purchasing process including;

  • Pressure from stakeholders to be not only be doing the right thing, but be seen doing the right thing
  • Demand for higher standards – do the ends justify the means?
  • Enforcing a balance between administrative rules versus professional judgement
  • Avoiding fraud, corruption and bad publicity
  • Technology enabling organisations to better define their ideal procurement process
  • Balancing process rigour with optimal outcomes


About the Presenter

Jonathan Dutton, FCIPS

Jonathan Dutton is the former founding CEO of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Australasia (CIPSA) and now works as an independent management consultant. Jonathan is currently the Interim Sales & Marketing Director for Open Windows Software; a leading provider of modular procurement and contract management systems in Australia.