Is your supply chain free of fraud & corruption?

As evidenced by a number of high-profile cases, fraud & corruption is happening on a huge scale, costing businesses around the World about 5% of their revenue, or over US 3.7T every year. And much of this is much closer to home than you might think, with procurement and supply chains one of the principal targets for wrongdoers.

How do you prevent it?

By empowering people to do the right thing by blowing the whistle when they believe something unethical or fraudulent is happening at work.

Anonymous tips are the most effective method of protection

However, traditional channels for whistle-blowing are often ineffective, because the whistle-blower is worried about the consequences for them from their actions. The only way forward therefore is to guarantee whistle-blowers anonymity. Whispli, developed by a former whistle-blower, provides organisations with a unique platform that enables whistle-blowers to report suspicious activity, while guaranteeing their anonymity. Allowing two-way communication via any internet enabled device, Whispli is an extremely effective and low cost tool for organisations in the fight against fraud & corruption.

Here’s how it works
Put the whistleblower in the driving seat with real time, anonymous two-way communication from any device

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What’s included in a Whispli subscription?

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PASA Partnership with Whispli

PASA has entered into a partnership arrangement with Whispli to promote what we believe is a valuable and cost-effective service to the procurement and supply chain community. As a partner, PASA does receive a small royalty on all clients signed up through our partner portal. Whether you go direct or through our partner portal, the cost to you is exactly the same, but your contribution will go some way to supporting the free publishing and research services PASA provides to the professional procurement and supply community.

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