Five questions every CPO should be asking

If the procurement gaps uncovered during the pandemic haven’t inspired investment in digitising procurement, what will?

SAP has provided the answers to five key questions that every CPO should answer with their teams:

  1. How well do you manage supplier risk?
  2. Is your organisation still bogged down by manual processes?
  3. What’s the adoption rate of procurement solutions in your organisation?
  4. How data-driven is your decision-making?
  5. How much do you know about external labor across your organisation?

SAP provides the answers with recent research findings to help you pinpoint gaps and strengths as you make your case.

Of the executives interviewed, 77% say they could not gain a clear view of overall spend automatically, in real time.

“Manual processes are a significant barrier to visibility, effective management, operational efficiency and organisational agility,” SAP says. 

Download Five questions every CPO should be asking. (Sponsored content provided by SAP)


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