2017 Entrepreneurial Procurement Awards

 PASA Entrepreneurial Procurement Awards 2017

The Entrepreneurial Procurement Awards were launched in 2016 to identify and recognize those organisations, from both the buy and supply sides, who have demonstrated entrepreneurial qualities to drive new value for their organisation or customers.

The 2017 Awards will also see the addition of a new Award for “Best Collaboration Initiative”

 The Judging Process – Prepare your Pitch!

As with the 2016 Awards, the finalists in the following three Award categories will be asked to provide a ten minute ‘pitch presentation’ of their submission to the audience at the 5th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX on 11th October at Crown Promenade Melbourne, with the audience then voting to determine the ultimate winners. The Winners will be announced and presented on day two of the Premier ConfeX on 12th October. The three ‘pitching’ categories will be:

  • Entrepreneurial Procurement Organisation of the Year.
  • Best Collaboration Initiative.
  • Entrepreneurial Supplier of the Year.

The Award for Procurement Entrepreneur of the Year will be presented to an individual who the judges determine has demonstrated great entrepreneurialism and a leading role in one of the submissions in any of the three other categories. The award winner may come from either the buy or supply sides of the market.

Awards nominations made simple

If you are thinking about nominating for one or more of the PASA Entrepreneurial Awards, rest assured that we are making the process as easy, slick and straight-forward for you as possible.

Awards Categories

There will be four Awards:  

  • Procurement Entrepreneur of the Year.   (Winner to be determined by Judges from other category nominations)
  • Entrepreneurial Procurement Organisation of the Year.  Download Form
  • Best Collaboration Initiative.  Download Form
  • Entrepreneurial Supplier of the Year.  Download Form

Procurement Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will be presented to an individual who demonstrates great entrepreneurialism either through a single initiative or series of initiatives throughout the year. The winner will be selected by our judges from the nominations in the other three categories. It is important therefore that in your nomination, you identify clearly the key person who has drive the project).

Entrepreneurial Procurement Organisation of the Year

This award is for the organisation that best demonstrates that it has the culture and processes in place to foster entrepreneurial activity in its procurement team, supported by case study examples of how this has resulted in increased ‘entrepreneurial’ activity and positive outcomes for stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial Supplier of the Year

This award is for an individual or organisation on the supply side of the equation who has demonstrated entrepreneurial behaviour in driving value for a customer. This may be a supplier of goods or services, or indeed a supplier of services in support of the procurement function.

In assessing the award, we will again consider not only how innovative the solution might be, but also those other entrepreneurial attributes eg risk management, courage, insight, curiosity, knowledge, leadership, inspiration, passion and resilience – to name just a few!

Best Collaboration Initiative

Retaining the entrepreneurial theme, this award will recognize the best and most innovative examples of collaboration in action to unlock value. The collaboration may be between buyer-buyer, buyer-supplier, supplier-supplier or any other combination involving procurement.  Nominations for this award may also be nominated in the Procurement Organisation of the Year Award or the Entrepreneurial Supplier of the Year categories. The winner will be determined by vote at Premier ConfeX.

The Nomination Process

For all Awards, there is a simple nomination form to complete which is broken down into 3 sections:

  • Section 1 – person/organisation details
  • Section 2 – A written submission of no more than 2000 words detailing how you/your organisation has demonstrated entrepreneurialism in your chosen award category (the nomination form guides you through this process).
  • Section 3 – Any relevant additional information

Nominating Made Easy

  • Your written submission will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The panel of judges will be announced shortly. Judging of written submissions will be content-driven and judges will not be swayed by presentation format, layout or extraneous information.
  • Only the first 2,000 words of your submission will be considered, so please ensure that all vital information that you would like the judges to take into consideration is included.
  • This is not an essay-writing contest! You are welcome to use bullet points – as long as judges can make sense of what is submitted.
  • The content of your submission will be treated in confidence. We will not publish any elements of your submission without first receiving your written authority to do so.

Deadline Dates and Contact Details

Please email your submission to pasaawards@bttbonline.com

In the subject line of your email, please write the name of the Award Category your nomination is for.


Finalists for this Award will be notified by Friday 15th September and will receive an invitation to attend the 5th PASA Premier Confex on 11th & 12th October at Crown in Melbourne, where the Awards Winners will be announced and presented.

Enquiries: awards@bttbonline.com or please call Lesley Wardropper 0413 029 709