How to ensure best value when buying consulting services

“How to ensure best value when buying consulting services”

A FREE webinar kindly sponsored by Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting GroupKelly 31 August 2016

Date: Wednesday 31 August 2016
Time: 4.00pm – 4.45pm
Presenter: Paul Vincent, Vice President of Global Talent Supply Chain Strategy, KellyOCG

About the webinar

Consultancy services are genuinely different to any other type of spend category because requirements are discretionary, not always predictable and can often be highly politicised. Internal clients need to be as clear as possible about what they are seeking to achieve and be wary of being potentially blindsided by the urgency of their business needs. Procurement professionals need to tread carefully when considering the most appropriate commercial model, contract structure and negotiating strategies. In this webinar participants will hear a range of insight about:

  • Understanding the challenges inherent in buying consulting services effectively
  • Appreciating what makes consulting services different to other types of purchase
  • Understanding the dynamics that are common to the way that organisations deploy, consume and sell consultancy services

Biography: Paul Vincent  Paul Vincent
Vice President of Global Talent Supply Chain Strategy, KellyOCG

As Vice President of Global Talent Supply Chain Strategy for KellyOCG, Paul identifies how to innovatively apply supply chain concepts to the acquisition and management of people. He specialises in helping clients turn their approach to talent management into a competitive advantage. Paul is highly regarded as an expert in the areas of resourcing, consultancy and professional services. He helped his clients to realise millions of dollars in savings as well as enabled numerous providers to win and retain more business. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply and Black Belt trained in Lean Six Sigma. In September 2012, Paul pioneered the creation of The MCA’s Consultancy Buyers Forum. The Forum provides support to buyers and clients of consulting services by enabling anyone who is involved in the purchasing to share knowledge and experience with their peers and to learn from the good practice of others..

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