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The 8th PASA Annual Health & Aged Care Procurement Conference.

Bringing together the largest gathering in the country of health sector and aged care sector procurement leaders and their teams.

May 10-11, 2023 | Royal Randwick Racecourse

Join leading health and aged care procurement leaders.

The health sector faces the daunting task of making healthcare affordable for an aging population.

This is the primary challenge the procurement profession in the sector is addressing, in the context of post-Covid strains, economic woes, skills shortages and working to raise standards of care.

This health and aged care conference equips you with the insights and knowledge to tackle these challenges. First 150 buyers attend free.


Key supply side questions answered

This event will over other key supply side questions including risk in the health supply chain, supply bottlenecks, the state of the medical equipment and PPE market, ESG factors in purchasing, post-Covid commercial strategies and progress.

Royal Commission impacts

Learn about the relevant recommendations from the final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Driving up value despite inflation

In an economic environment of over 7% inflation, savings are scarce. There’s all the more reason to focus on driving up value from the supply side in different ways. Discover how and the specifics to benefit patients as much as health care providers.

Is it time for procurement to look to the medical side for inspiration in the ‘value based healthcare’ philosophy and how this can be successfully applied commercially as well as medically?

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