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August 24-25, 2023 | Sofitel, Gold Coast

The 12th Annual PASA CPO Exchange.

An invite-only exclusive retreat for CPOs featuring high-level content and networking opportunities with vendors and sponsor partners.

A premier event for procurement leaders.

The CPO Exchange enters its 12th year as a premier event for procurement leaders to gather and engage in a high-level content program spanning two days.

 With a relaxing retreat atmosphere, attendees participate in round table discussions on current challenges and collaborate in a dynamic learning environment.

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Sofitel, Gold Coast


August 24-25, 2023


9.15am           A brief explanation of the event format and culture of the CPO Exchange event, including Chatham House Rules, as a senior level retreat.

Lesley Wardropper, Owner & MD PASA

9.20am           The future of procurement – both short-term and long-term

A brief explanation of the event format and culture of the CPO Exchange event, including Chatham House Rules, as a senior level retreat. 

An introduction to the theme of the event – managing the here and now as well as the future of the procurement profession, balancing needs v potential …

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS – PASA CEO and MC

9.30am           Geopolitics is Complicating Supply-Chain Management

As the pandemic moves into the rear-view mirror, geopolitical tensions have emerged as an unrelenting threat to global supply-chains and Oceania isn’t immune. Navigating the complex environment of conflict, high inflation, tighter financial conditions, trade barriers and currency volatility needs an eyes wide open approach.  

So, how can you navigate your global sourcing strategies around high -v- medium -v- low risk sourcing countries? What did we truly learn from the pandemic?

Which countries can we predict, with some certainty, will create questions and supply threats downstream? Economically, geopolitically or commercial risk wise? How should this influence your supply-chain management?

Includes Q&A

Harry Murphy Cruise, Economist at Moody’s Analytics

10.30am               Coffee break

11.00am                The top 10 issues facing Procurement Leaders right now

The recent global research from THE HACKETT GROUP included a significantly larger slice of data from the ANZ region for the first time – offering a direct comparison between ANZ v RoW priorities for CPOs

This research also offered real direction on key short-term priorities, but interestingly also offered some encouragement and indications for the longer-term leadership of the procurement function.

Chris Sawchuk, Global LEAD – Procurement Practice, THE HACKETT GROUP

Beamed LIVE by ZOOM from Florida, USA, with Q&A moderated by the MC  

11.45am                The New Procurement Agenda

In the last 24 months, there has been a 3-5% gross margin erosion across most businesses. Commodity super-cycles, rising inflation, interest costs, climate and geopolitical instability have created the ‘another’ perfect storm.

Organisations are starting to recover and fight back with bold moves across their value and supply chains.

In this session, Kearney Partner Enrico Rizzon will share insights and facilitate a discussion on what organisations are focussing on to achieve end-to-end margin enhancement; including conquering inflation, the cradle-to-grave emissions mindset and building more resilient supply chains.

Enrico Rizzon, VP and Global Partner – Kearney (Melbourne)

12.45pm              LUNCH

1.30pm                CPO Round-table: RISK MANAGEMENT              [Meetings 1 and 2]

How can procurement tackle such a broad agenda as business risk? How can we break it down, where are the greatest risks to manage today and tomorrow specifically?

Supply chain risk – of non-supply, supply chain resilience, 3rd party risk or non-compliance & modern slavery?

Supplier risk – insolvency of small suppliers, non-compliance and staff shortages?

 Industry risk – what risks are specific or unique to the DIRECT vertical industries we work within, and how best do we approach these?

ESG risk – how can we possibly minimise such broad supply side risks as those associated with ESG including non-compliance and/or loss of social licence?  

CHAIR:  Kirsty Blokker

2.30pm                CPO Round-table: THE SKILLS SHORTAGE              [Meetings 3 and 4]

How is this truly affecting procurement both right now and in future:
a) in terms of staff shortages in procurement – and micro recruitment difficulties (hiring staff into your team) and macro problems (persuading people into the procurement profession)?

b) in terms of suppliers’ staff shortages – unable to deliver key service levels reliably due to staff shortages, and the potential hike in wages this might spark?

CHAIR: Dan Boulton

3.30pm                Afternoon Tea

3.45pm                CPO Round-table: A.I. + ChatGPT               [Meetings 5 and 6]

Artificial intelligence seems to have passed a pivot point this year with the successful launch and adoption of CHATGPT

– which has highlighted other uses and applications as well as potential for A.I> – and more than a few warnings too. What is the potential for A.I. now

How should Procurement be using A.I. now and potentially in the future as well both medium term and longer term?

Where are the limits for A.I. on the supply side, what shouldn’t we be trying to accomplish with A.I. perhaps and what can’t it replace in procurement?

CHAIR: Hannah Bodily

4.45pm                Free time for most                             [Meeting slots 7 and 8]

5.45pm                Free time for all    

6.45pm                Pre-dinner drinks

7.30 -10.00pm    The CPO Exchange Dinner

The informal CPO Exchange dinner is an opportunity to unwind with your peers and be entertained by our special guest star. Always a relaxed and fun affair, the dinner is the networking highlight of the event and partners are welcome to attend. Dress is Queensland smart-casual.

6.30 – 8.30am                Informal Breakfast available for delegates in hotel dining room

8.00 – 8.30am                [Meeting slot 9]

8.30am                Introduction and Welcome to Day Two

8.45am                The Leadership Challenge in Procurement today                [Meetings 10, 11 and 12] 

Procurement had a good Covid; and the crisis has presented an opportunity for many CPOs to take a step-up in leading the supply side through the new challenges of inflation, deglobalisation and ESG demands potentially changing the fabric of our decision making.

Which presents a very real leadership challenge for CPOs. This short 90 minute interactive workshop will address some of the most common leadership questions that are arising in the field of procurement for CPOs right now, in particular:

Leadership in the post-Covid era

The Art of Influence: Unveiling the Influential Leader Within

  • Building self-awareness for better leadership
  • Role-modelling the CPO position
  • Shaping perceptions of stakeholders and suppliers
  • The secrets of influential leaders

Designed specifically for CPOs who face the challenges of managing stakeholders and suppliers while seeking value beyond cost, this workshop will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to excel in today’s competitive marketplace.

Uncover innovative approaches to building relationships, establishing credibility, and effectively communicating your vision to key stakeholders, thereby amplifying your influence and driving success for your organisation from the supply side.

 Sarah Morgan, Leadership Coach, Author and Facilitator

10.15am                 Coffee Break  

10.45am                 The horizontal integration of Procurement :

Managing supply chain complexity through increased visibility

The pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of the ANZ region in global supply chains and at the same time experienced an increased focused on their sustainability – far up the inbound supply chain.  

These changes required a rapid re-balancing of procurement priorities including risk and supply assurance against cost advantages of sourcing in lower cost countries and visibility of ESG factors within Tier 1 to Tier 3 supply chains.

So, how quickly could you understand the impact of change on your supply chain and that of your strategic suppliers and engage your stakeholders to support business cases to adapt to that change?

Sarah Cook MCIPS, Chief Commerical and Operating Officer, Samsara Eco.

A zoom in presentation and Q&A moderated by Jonathan Dutton

11.30am                 The Vertical integration of Procurement:                  

Managing Procurement as a Shared Services function

An increasing number of procurement leaders are taking on other responsibilities, like P2P or Property/FM management, to broaden the procurement value delivered, maybe as direct savings prove more scarce?

Shared Services is one area that is also a possible extra dimension for procurement – but is this good or bad? Could it work for you?

What is the real opportunity, what to watch out for? Indeed, is SS a natural home for procurement at all?  What are the PROs and CONs?

Charlie Hollis FCIPS – former Head of Shared Services, SA Power (Adelaide) and CHAIR CIPS Australasia Steering Group Ctee     

Director – MBB Group, Adelaide

12.15pm                 LUNCH                                        

1.00pm                 CPO Roundtable: PROCUREMENT TRANSFORMATION                                 [Meetings 13 and 14]

What have we learnt as a profession about the best practice way of implementing procurement transformation projects – both with and without digital IT transformation at the same time?

Where are the key business benefits v the key team management and efficiency benefits for procurement? What is the best way to organise the function;  centralised, decentralised, hybrid?

Can category management approaches deliver true value, especially in an INDIRECT context?

How best can ESG demands be embedded into procurement process?

How can we enable both better relationships (stakeholders & SRM) and, at the same time, also a sharper commercial focus and, even, revenue generating opportunities?

CHAIR: Karl Gill

2.00pm                 CPO Roundtable: BUILDING INTERNAL & EXTERNAL RELATIONS                                [Meetings 15 and 16]

The pandemic, in at least one way, validated proactive SRM strategies – as one CPO said at this event last year, “our friends didn’t let us down”

But how can procurement leaders justify and invest in supplier relations moving forward at the same time as working hard to do the same in building internal stakeholder partnerships within the business?

How can CPO’s successfully lead both groups to mutually harmonious outcomes?

CHAIR: Bruno Da Silva

3.00pm                 Closing session

The final wrap, Executive Summary, Q&A and concluding remarks with consensus recommendations and insights from the event

3.15pm                 Event ends

3.30pm                 Complimentary coach leaves for Coolangatta (OOL) airport for those leaving immediately [30 mins drive] – but the weekend commences for those that are staying on …

Meet Our Speakers.

Sarah Morgan

Founder - Influential Leader Academy

Harry Murphy Cruise

Economist – APAC, Moodys

Chris Sawchuk

Global LEAD - Procurement Practice, The Hackett Group

Charlie Hollis FCIPS

Director at MBB Group, Adelaide

Sarah Cook MCIPS

former CPO at Coca-Cola Amitil

Enrico Rizzon

VP and Global Partner – Kearney

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It was great to hear a wide range of presentations from a diverse mix of speakers, especially in person.

Procurement Professional 

I very much enjoyed the depth and variety of skills experience of the presenters.

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Sarah Morgan

Speaker | MC | Author | Panel Facilitator | Leadership Expert | Founder - Influential Leader Academy

Sarah has a vision to change the way organisations think and behave. Working with leaders in a multitude of industries to be able to change their team culture and create a world of thoughtful leaders. Well-versed in behaviour styles, communication, and emotional intelligence she has developed a suite of tools to educate improvements in leadership.

Through her education programs and specifically, sought-out tools, she assists professionals and directors to understand their own behaviour and communication style. Helping them to build strength in their team and understand how to get the most out of their team performance.

Harry Murphy Cruise

Economist – APAC, Moodys

Harry Murphy Cruise is an economist at Moody’s Analytics, based in Canberra. He is the firm’s lead economist for China and Australia, as well as managing Moody’s Analytics’ subnational Asia Pacific forecasts. Harry is regularly quoted by international media such as CNBC and Bloomberg. He holds a master’s degree in international and development economics from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce from Monash University. 

Chris Sawchuk

Global LEAD - Procurement Practice, The Hackett Group

Chris is a Principal, Global Practice Leader and advisory leadership team member with The Hackett Group, an intellectual property-based strategic consultancy to global companies. He has over 20 years of experience successfully advising hundreds of Fortune 500 as well as midsized companies across all industries globally.

Charlie Hollis FCIPS

Former Head of Shared Services, SA Power (Adelaide) and Chair CIPS Australasia Steering Group Committee Director – MBB Group, Adelaide

Charlie has over 25 years’ experience in capital, operational procurement, commercial management, procure to pay (P2P) and supply chain management. He has high-level experience within construction, automotive, utility and public-sector industries within the UK and Australia. Specialising in developing and leading organisational wide transformation, innovative supply chain and commercial strategies with the flexibility to deliver in both strategic and tactical environments.

Sarah Cook MCIPS

Former CPO at Coca-Cola Amitil

Sarah has worked at globally recognised FMCG organisations across Europe and Asia Pacific. She is an experienced operator with Board, ASX listed and global operating committee experience. Throughout her career she has developed a deep understanding of global supply chains, their complexity, and recognises they can be a source of both disruption and competitive advantage.

Enrico Rizzon

VP and Global Partner – Kearney

Enrico Rizzon has 30+ years of experience in industry and consulting across the Asia Pacific region, 12 years at Kearney, where he is a senior partner in the Strategic Operations Practice. Enrico brings a pragmatic approach to change and value delivery and has extensive experience in the areas of business transformation, with a focus on procurement and supply chain.

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