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31st July, 2024 | Online

The 4th Sustainable Procurement & ESG Today online event.

The impact of sustainability on procurement and the measures taken by the profession to embrace it today. 

How sustainability and ESG are positioned in procurement today.

For the fourth year running, this event will offer  pragmatic tips on how to understand  sustainable procurement and the supply side environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda.




31st July, 2024



Registration open & networking


Conference theme – Responsible Procurement

Assurance of supply is the first responsibility of the procurement process. Not price reduction, or the best terms, full compliance, or even other policy goals, such as environmental/ethical, social and governance (ESG) requirements or even diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) factors. This raises the dilemma of trade-offs: How do we balance multiple priorities, or even our basic seven-rights, when some may be mutually exclusive? Or, at the very least, difficult to attain all of them. And especially when the demands of the “right source” are broadening enormously as the ESG agenda spreads ever wider – how can we fit that in as well?

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, MC


Successful procurement strategies are contingent on rigour and transparency. GECA will demonstrate how two formidable and readily available internationally recognised tools can streamline an organisation’s ability to deliver responsible procurement that builds resilience and impact through increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Josh Begbie, CEO at GECA


How do AusNet balance the challenges with stakeholder demands, executive buy-in and prioritisation of goals as they establish frameworks for ESG programs, address the complexity of recording achievements and positive outcomes with genuine traction in some of these areas over time, yet whilst still targeting commercial outcomes as well?

Catherine Predika, Manager- Governance and Sustainable Procurement, AusNet





Most businesses are driven by profit and return on investment. Not-For-Profit organisations are driven by a social and moral mission, which provides unique opportunities to drive sustainable change. This case study examines The Salvation Army’s march towards Net Zero and its role in environmental sustainability, exploring the unique opportunities and challenges afforded by pursuing positive social and environmental change, particularly through the supply-side and the culture of its team.  

Elyse Anderson, Environmental Projects Co-ordinator, The Salvation Army


How is the mandatory framework around modern slavery, in so many countries, including Australia, and now New Zealand, helping to support procurement work to track the INBOUND supply chain and reduce modern slavery? Particularly, what are the latest development on MS in Europe and how do they influence what is happening here, including in the recent changes in NSW as well as supply chains across the Asia Pacific?

Serena Grant, Head of Business Partnerships, Walk-Free


LUNCH and ONLINE networking


The reality of bring your RAP to life through procurement is the vast growth in indigenous owned companies since the Commonwealth IPP first debuted almost ten years ago.

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, based in Melbourne, have been working across Victoria and elsewhere to support indigenous businesses and procurement managers working with them.

The issue of “Black-Cladding” is a genuine concern given the rise in the number of indigenous owned small businesses in Australia in the last ten years – from around 160 to well over 4,000.

How do procurement spot the tell-tale signs of black-cladding, what to look for, and how to manage it?

Alex Martins, Partnerships & Alliances Manager, Kinaway



Large organisations are increasingly committed to procurement teams as a vital player to driving the sustainability agenda. However, many procurement teams are not quite clear as to exactly how they are to play such an important role particularly across three key aspects of this challenge –

  1. Defining sustainability: Gain clarity on the concept of sustainability within procurement.
  2. The pivotal role of procurement: Discover how procurement teams actively drive the sustainability agenda, unearthing their integral position in creating positive change.
  3. Real-world success stories: Explore compelling use cases where procurement teams have made a significant impact, not only in achieving financial objectives but also in delivering sustainable outcomes.

Kate Hart, Partner & LEAD, Strategic Procurement Operations, Kearney


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, MC


Josh Begbie

Josh Begbie

Josh joined the GECA team in 2023, bringing a breadth of experience from the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors with a track record of creating lasting impact for organisations and communities. Having worked extensively across countries, cultures, and industries, Josh believes inclusive and courageous collaboration is the best way to get things done. He is thrilled to use this passion to develop partnerships within the GECA Family and beyond for the good of people and planet. Josh is proud to lead an organisation that delivers positive environmental impact using globally recognised best practice standards.

Catherine Perdika

Catherine Predika

Catherine has worked as a procurement professional for nearly 25 years, spending the first 21 years in the IT industry in roles across category management, business controls, and as a Business Partner leading Procurement teams for multiple industry stakeholders and categories.  Joining AusNet in 2019, Catherine is currently the Governance and Sustainable Procurement Manager, leading the development and implementation of all procurement related ESG programs and reporting, in addition to wider procurement process improvements and data analytics

Elyse Anderson

Elyse Anderson

Elyse is The Salvation Army’s Environmental Projects Coordinator. She is part of a group within the organisation committed to reducing its environmental footprint by expanding solar projects, championing the circular economy, and delivering innovative sustainability options that support provision of social services.

Elyse will complete her Master in Environmental Management in August this year, and is dedicated to the sustainability cause. She believes that current generations have a duty of care to ensure a healthy environment for vulnerable communities and future generations.

Serena Grant

Serena Grant

Kate Hart

Kate Hart

Alex Martins

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