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October 16-17, 2024 | Flemington Racecourse Conference Centre, Melbourne

The 12th Annual PASA Premier Confex including the NIGELS Awards.

The region’s most influential procurement conference and coveted awards ceremony celebrating the best in the profession.

The only event for procurement leaders.

The region’s most influential procurement conference and coveted awards ceremony celebrating the best in the profession.

With a highly relevant and cutting-edge theme, this event challenges attendees to adopt new ways of thinking and the latest procurement practices. 


Flemington Racecourse Conference Centre, Melbourne


October 16-17, 2024

Recognising excellence in procurement.

The Nigel’s Procurement in Practice Excellence Awards 2024 celebrate the very best in procurement practice across three different categories: 

Named after PASA founder Nigel Wardropper, the Nigel’s award categories include:

The Most Improved Procurement Team 2024 – presented solely in the name of PASA

and two awards designed to recognise current best practice procurement and straddle the modern breath to the procurement discipline:

The Best Procurement Project 20204 : Private Sector 2024 – sponsored by GEP

The Best Procurement Project 2024 : Public Sector – sponsored & endorsed by the APCC

Nominations now open.

See you in


The Programme.

With inflation around 7% or higher in many countries, savings for procurement are scarce. So, how else can procurement add tangible value to their organisations beyond the cliches of “reducing risk, increasing efficiency, improving compliance” – and at a time of high ESG demands, precarious inbound supply chains and suppliers also feeling the sharp cost-of-living pressure throughout Australia & New Zealand?


Registration open – coffee stations available


Welcome and Housekeeping

Lesley Wardropper, Managing Director BTTB Marketing, Owner of PASA & Event Manager


Introduction, the theme and the programme – VALUE beyond COST

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Chief Executive at PASA and Conference MC


As the pandemic moves into the rear-view mirror, geopolitical tensions have emerged as an unrelenting threat to global supply-chains and Oceania isn’t immune. Navigating the complex environment of conflict, high inflation, tighter financial conditions, trade barriers and currency volatility needs an eyes wide open approach. Especially in Asia.

So, how can you navigate your global sourcing strategies around high -v- medium -v- low risk sourcing countries? What did we truly learn from the pandemic?                                   

Which countries can we predict, with some certainty, will create questions and supply threats downstream? Economically, geopolitically, or commercial risk wise? How should this influence your supply-chain management?

Katrina Ell, Director – Economics Unit, APAC – MOODYS


How do we defining sustainability for procurement: Gaining clarity on the concept of sustainability specifically within procurement?            

What is the pivotal role of procurement? How can procurement teams can actively drive the sustainability agenda for impact, unearthing their integral position in creating positive change for both stakeholders and others benefit.

Hear real-world success stories:  Explore compelling CASE STUDIES where procurement teams have made a significant impact, not only in achieving financial objectives but also in delivering more sustainable outcomes across a wide range of challenging objectives.

Kate Hart, Partner – KEARNEY


Morning Coffee break

Barista sponsor SAP & ExceleratedS2P


Three annual award categories – each of three shortlisted nominees present their case why they should win each award, and the audience votes for the winner in each category on the conference APP:   The presentation of THE NIGELS is made at the end of the conference – in two categories by the awards sponsor – GEP, and for the main award by Mrs Lesley Wardropper, wife of Nigel, and the owner of PASA.

Jonathan Dutton – MC


The eight PASA appointed judges only shortlist three entrants for each award. Each of the three winners are voted by the audience, and their peers, in the room   

Paul Rogers FCIPS, Chair of THE NIGELS independent judging panel




  • Risk Management- from risk to opportunity-strategic insights from CPO’s
  • Compliance Management- how compliance can support governance and strategy
  • Using Policy to add value- what is policy, making policy come alive. The 2 key questions to ask.
  • Stakeholder engagement-helping suppliers to use technology to comply and deliver value
  • BEING the leader – Using vision, strategy and risk to drive value beyond cost
  • Why the Scarcity Mindset can reduce value (and what to do about it)

Steven Bowman, Managing Director, Conscious Governance

Sponsored by Ivalua


The lunch is sponsored by Icertis




Stream A and C focussed more on procurement performance during difficult times
Stream B and D focussed more on ESG factors influencing procurement decisions



While achieving cost savings remains a critical goal in procurement, we all know that highly complex and risky projects demand more than just negotiating better prices with vendors. To unlock the full potential of our projects and services, we must shift our focus towards strategic partnerships with high performing vendors and delivering greater value to our stakeholders.

This session will delve into the transformative power of restructuring your RFX process to give expert vendors the upper hand, enabling them to achieve greater value and, in turn, maximise the value of your projects and services. Real-life examples show how expert buyers have not only achieved cost savings but added bradoer lasting value that goes far beyond the bottom line.

John Matta, CEO, Simplar Australia


Many organisations have indigenous spend targets – but achieving them in practice can often present an early dilemma based around how to ensure that your contract with them brings some real impact and avoids ‘black cladding’ vendors? Having an indigenous procurement policy is one thing – making it work another. Particularly, how do you manage an SRM programme with indigenous suppliers and what can we learn from successful leaders in this space already? 

Cain Slater, COO, KARI



Buyers in the health sector are today under extreme pressure – not least to always ensure delivery in full on time (DIFOT), whilst STILL making cash savings and ensuring full compliance at the same time. Health suppliers understand this, because they too are under similar pressures. All are focussed on better patient outcomes throughout the health & aged care sectors.

Yet partnerships with good suppliers can also drive real value when working as part of a team through good SRM. Working together drives up the chances of managing up their inbound supply chain to save cost, reduce risk, bring supply-side innovation, tighter stock management, broader ESG initiatives, and far more. See how ISS embraced this to deliver value to all their stakeholders.

Steven Speter, CPO, PSCM APAC, ISS Facility Services


Most organisations have adopted NET ZERO targets and public commitments for 2050, 2040 or even 2030 or earlier.

Suppliers are critical to the success in achieving these aims.

Yet many procurement teams are unclear of what to ask for, how to evaluate and, importantly, what to do action to take right now –

How to drive decarbonisation across Scope 1, collaborate across Scope 2 emissions and, critically, how to plan now for reductions in Scope 3 emissions – YOUR supply chain.

This session will guide you through the basics, the Dos and the DONTs and how to rise to the expectations of so many and what is truly achievable through the supply side.  

Tanya Harris, Head of Sustainable & Ethical Procurement, EDGE Impact Advisory



The Grosvenor team reveal the findings from their highly anticipated annual Australian CPO survey. Celebrating its tenth year, this survey provides an invaluable glimpse into the minds of Chief Procurement Officers across the nation.

This presentation will shed light on the prevailing concerns occupying the thoughts of CPOs, whether it’s organisational performance, supply risk, cost optimisation, resourcing challenges, ESG integration, or a different focal point that is driving strategic decisions in procurement. It will also highlight how CPOs feel they can add more value to their organisation’s needs in the current economic climate.

Furthermore, this year’s survey delves into two specific areas of interest in procurement:

  1. The evolving trends in ICT procurement lifecycle and
  2. The maturing of contract management practices.

Dr Stefan Gassner, Managing Director, Grosvenor


On 19 November 2021, the NSW Parliament finally voted in favour of long awaited amendments to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW) which had not yet commenced at that time.  On 1 January 2022, the Modern Slavery Amendment Act 2021 (NSW) came into force and introduced a number of amendments to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW).  This legislation is separate to the commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) and impacts the Modern Slavery movement more generally. 

Luke Geary will explain why there is a NSW Act and a Commonwealth Act and how the two work together. He will also explain the work of the NSW Anti-Slavery Commissioner and how that’s relevant to the interplay between these pieces of legislation. Luke will also detail the additional requirements of the NSW legislation, and crucially – what it all means for Australian businesses and especially procurement managers doing business with NSW suppliers and within NSW. Finally, how the curreent legislation is set to be amended before the end of the year.

Luke Geary, MILLS OAKLEY Partner for NFPs, Human Rights & Social Impact 

Georgia Davis, Senior Associate for NFPs, Human Rights & Social Impact, MILLS OAKLEY




Welcome back

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Chief Executive at PASA and Conference MC


In 2023, A.I. capabilities have surpassed our imagination, and its advancement will be relentless. Procurement is on the cusp of a transformational leap forward, unlike anything before. Join Tom Zielinski from GEP as he explores the profound impact of AI on decision-making in procurement and outlines the revolutionary changes it will bring to organisational capabilities, supplier relationships, and the very nature of sourcing and procurement strategies.

Tom Zielinski, Senior Director – Consulting & Services Leader ANZ, GEP



Nando’s is the Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant serving flame-grilled chicken in spicy chilli flavoured ‘’Peri-Peri” sauce, with around 1,200 restaurants in over 30 countries – including around 160 in Australia and New Zealand.

Retail fast-food has its own challenges and is an extremely competitive space – hear how their procurement team is navigating the post-Covid supply side challenges in a fast-growing fast-food retail franchise operation and what lessons it offers procurement across ANZ?

Cynthia Chung, Head of Procurement, NANDO’S


Close of Day One

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Chief Executive at PASA and Conference MC


Avoid the traffic and join the crowd for networking drinks compliments of cocktail sponsor DocuSign




Registration open – coffee stations available


Introduction and EXEC SUMMARY of Day One

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Chief Executive at PASA and Conference MC


Buying and sustaining the Australian submarine fleet might be the biggest job in procurement.
Yet, despite the enormous cost, other forms of value might be more valuable to ASC stakeholders.
The Head of Procurement at ASC explains …. And along the way shares the formal definition
of ‘value for money’ agreed between ASC in Adelaide and the federal government for the
Collins class submarine programme.

Marli Smith, Head of Procurement, Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC)


With sustained cost and supply challenges impacting the health care sector, now is the time for procurement and supply teams to step up.  Chris Sullivan will share his insights on the why and the how.

Chris Sullivan, Global Chief Supply Officer, Ramsay Health Care


As one of the high-profile supply chain successes from the pandemic, Woolworths have a tough act to follow in the post-Covid era. So, how are they now working to deliver ‘value’ to their stakeholders, including customers, in a new era of higher-inflation, supply instability and all-encompassing ESG requirements? How do they prioritise these questions, work in an agile way and how exactly do they add critical value by using an internal floating ‘strategy team’?  

The Woolworths front-line procurement management team panel

Gina Anslow – Head of Procurement: Strategy, Programs, & Operations

Luke Harrison – Head of Procurement: Group Platforms

Nathan Morgan – Head of Procurement: IT, Digital, and Media

Moderated by MC Jonathan Dutton FCIPS


Morning Coffee break

Barista sponsor SAP & ExceleratedS2P


Stream A and C focussed more on procurement performance during difficult times
Stream B and D focussed more on ESG factors influencing procurement decisions




Sadly, KPIs are often an afterthought and quickly cobbled together by folks with little time and even less experience.  Then these KPIs are either are ignored or become so time consuming and argumentative  to manage that they end up as Key Pain Inflictors rather than Key Performance Indicators.  Dr Cullen will show you how to have only the KPIs that matter and work, based on her decades working with both procurement and providers and her renown research and books. 

Dr Sara Cullen, Director – The Cullen Group & Industry Fellow at The University of Melbourne


Planning and carrying out procurement relies on a number of decisions being made along the way. From assigning the right people to the procurement, to selecting the best clauses for your contract, and ultimately choosing your supplier – procurement outcomes are only as good as the decisions we make.

However, the human mind is not a perfect decision-making machine. Cognitive biases – instances where our minds make systemic deviations from rationality – can impact our decisions both on a conscious and unconscious level. Yet when we’re using public resources to carry out procurement, our decisions need to be reasonable, defensible, and made using the best available information.

In this presentation, understand some of the most common cognitive biases that can impact the procurement process – including AVAILABILITY, ANCHORING, CORRECTING & INCUMBENCY biases – and what you can do to minimise their impact and achieve better outcomes

Sean King, Co-Founder & Director and Twoey Jones, Senior Advisor, Proximity



Do you have the time to read all the best research reports on procurement from the premium providers around the world?

No. Neither does anyone else except Gordon – SAP’s own Global VP for procurement research and the #1 global procurement thought-leader according to UK ‘Procurement Magazine’ (June 2023 issue].

“Gordon’s Window” is a regular monthly column in the PASA Procurement INSIDER e-magazine published to our subscribers at PASA every Tuesday morning – subscribe for Free here. It neatly summarises all the most relevant research for our ANZ procurement audience in an accessible, timely and relevant digest.

This session will highlight the key messages for busy ANZ procurement teams from the first three issues

Gordon Donovan, FCIPS, Global VP – Research, Procurement, SAP



How can procurement can add value to company’s social impact and still navigate increasing reporting guidelines and compliance demands that need to be followed in the ESG space – yet still leveraging large spend for greater social good? Indeed, procurement teams are now often the gatekeepers for corporately driven social good as organisations look to the supply side to capture wider benefits for broader stakeholders in the context of both society and the overall economy and also look for technology to help them achieve this.

Lewis Young, Solutions Specialist, VendorPanel


Officeworks has transformed its transport and logistics operations from handling 800,000 deliveries a decade ago to an impressive six million annual deliveries today. With such exponential growth, managing complex supplier contracts, convoluted invoices, and compliance became a challenge. Attend this session to learn how Officeworks partnered with Profectus Group to streamline compliance, reduce errors, and gain actionable insights.

Tony Horn, Executive General Manager, Profectus




Welcome back

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Chief Executive at PASA and Conference MC


The Covid pandemic brought the risks and realities of global supply chain processes sharply into focus publicly. International bottlenecks continue to be a feature of international logistics and shipping prices are again forecast to increase after dipping in the post-Covid era. With inflation rates, insurance costs and oil prices still volatile and sharply affecting prices and availabilities, what should professional buyers expect in 2024?

How reliable is global logistics going to be in supporting your DIFOT KPI’s in the coming months and well in to 2024?  What strategies should you be employing and thinking about to manage your procurement activities effectively and assure your inbound supply chains to ANZ?

Travis Brooks Garrett, VP – Commercial (Oceana), DP World


A real-time CASE STUDY of how the AusNet procurement team, based predominantly in Melbourne, have managed out of the global polycrisis, and redirected their procurement efforts to deliver a wider range of value for their stakeholders beyond simple cost savings

Dan Boulton, Head of Procurement, AusNet


In this highly interactive session, you will gain actionable insights from your peers live in the room at PASA Confex. The Coupa team will be posing scenarios, questions and dilemmas for the audience to answer through a special new APP https://www.mentimeter.com/

The data captured anonymously from the audience in real time will focus around the 7 key topics that are keeping procurement professionals up at night – and deliver you practical insights to take back to your team after the event.

Coupa will also write-up the conclusions into a working paper that will include clear on-topic advice that will be shared with the community post event via a report generated from the live results in the room on the day.

You can then share these insights with real supporting data with your executive team to support your key goals moving into 2024.

Michael Odom – Strategic Advisory Services Director Coupa

Karina Harris, Director Customer Value ANZ at Coupa Software


Recognition for aligning defined value delivery with the priorities of the organisation. This award category addresses the success of the procurement function in diagnosing ‘what constitutes value for the organisation?’ This may involve understanding the organisation’s objectives and business priorities and then aligning value delivery to those priorities. In addition, it may involve consulting with stakeholders to find out what they regard as value from the procurement process. This category is not so much about the delivery of great outcomes from the procurement process as the process through which those outcomes have been identified as being valuable for the organisation.

Recognition for Value Generation tracking; measuring and reporting value delivery to stakeholders. This award category addresses how we track and report on value realised for the organisation. This may involve designing KPIs and metrics and then reporting the value created to key stakeholders in the organisation. Value might be traditional sources of value like delivery in full and on time and hard dollar cost savings. Alternatively, it might include resilience, risk reduction, or contribution to ESG goals. This category is not so much about the delivery of great outcomes from the procurement process as the process through which those outcomes are measured and reported in a way that builds confidence in the validity of the value claimed.

Recognition for the greatest improvement in procurement team capability – through either people, process, technology, strategic, organisational or cultural improvement, either before, during or after the pandemic. Or, from just good leadership. Your submission is not for the best procurement team – but the most improved; considering the base point and current achievement of the team. This award is a continual award, presented each year solely by PASA and reflects Nigel’s strong view that relative improvement is a greater prize that size or inherited corporate capability.


Draw of the ‘PASA PASSPORT’ sponsor engagement prizes
Future PASA events – and 2024 programme

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Chief Executive at PASA and Conference MC


Photo call for all Award finalists


Conference Ends

Meet Our Speakers.

Just some of the highlights from 2023.

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I very much enjoyed the depth and variety of skills experience of the presenters.

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