Competitive Advantage via Lean-Agile Procurement (Credential 1)

Two Day Certification Workshop LAP1
18th & 19th September 2019
Karstens, 111 Harrington Street, Sydney
Facilitator: Mirko Kleiner, Thought Leader in Lean-Agile Procurement, CIPS Award Winner 2018, international Speaker, Author, President of LAP Alliance, co-founder flowdays, Agile Enterprise Coach, Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer

Staying competitive was never as difficult as today

You need to change how you source services and products to keep up.

After this workshop, you will ……

  • Leverage hands-on agile techniques for more effective procurement
  • Make your organisation more competitive through significantly improved time-to-market with similar or better quality
  • Be a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) specialist (Credential 1), with a one-year membership in the LAP community    

What you will take away from this workshop

Part 1: Understand how digitization has changed procurement forever

What today’s purchasers and providers have to improve

Together, we discuss current developments in the market and your own organization’s partner ecosystem to assess advantages and disadvantages of common procurement.     

Which improved solutions does the tech landscape offer today?

Take a tour of modern procurement’s status quo & see the industry trends driving the need for a new approach in sourcing services & products.

Heart of the workshop: The lean Procurement Canvas

Part 2: Apply the lean procurement canvas 

How different departments make use of agile principles for better procurement

Learn how Agile made Tesla, Google, ING-DIBA and many others more successful and learn how procurement & sales strategies can profit from that.

How agile principles help you procure and sell the right things

Learn how the LAP Approach enables you to focus on the important services and products to procure/sell to improve time-to-market significantly with similar or better quality than today.

Use the lean procurement canvas for your own business

Together, we fill in the LAP Canvas with the help of a real-world scenario. Then, you can apply it for your own cases.

Who should attend

The workshop is designed for an interdisciplinary audience of decision-makers, purchasers, sales, strategic buyers, management, innovation, business, delivery, and more.  Basic knowledge in procurement, sales and agile are an advantage.