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July 20, 2023 | QT Hotel

Canberra Big Breakfast.

Our Big Breakfast events are back following the tremendous success of our sell-out 2022 series. We’re hosting seven Big Breakfast’s in seven cities throughout the region in 2023.

Connect and learn over breakfast.

We’re bringing an expanded program in 2023 to bring more procurement networking and knowledge over a tasty breakfast. Centre to each event is how best procurement can navigate today’s key challenges in the profession.


QT Hotel, Canberra


July 20, 2023

The Theme.

Each event will follow a similar theme, allowing key differences specific to each region.
Key challenges facing the procurement profession will be explored, including:

Mitigating the effects of high inflation – refocussing on value creation over cost savings

Delivering on stakeholder demands for raised ESG standards from the supply side

Rebalancing sourcing decisions based on risk management as well as cost advantage

Capturing the true benefits now available from eProcurement technology and digitalisation work

Reviewing the future of global sourcing from Australia & New Zealand in the face of deglobalisation worldwide

Understanding local needs and differences

Why you should attend.


From 7:00am:
Coffee, juice and networking

Hot breakfast served to table

Introduction and Welcome: The 4 unavoidable questions facing procurement throughout 2023

  • What new challenges do procurement practitioners face following the pandemic?
  • How are these exacerbated by the current context of high inflation, supply chain blockages, the war in Ukraine and growing ESG needs?
  • And, which are your TOP ESG priorities – compared to most people’s top nine ?

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS , CEO, PASA

Introduction, welcome and UPDATE from the APCC: Procurement’s intensifying strategic role in delivering economic, social, and environmental outcomes.
There are other levers to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes however governments are increasingly using public procurement to do it. And it’s coming faster than we can manage.

Teresa Scott, CEO – APCC

Sustainable Procurement: The power of the Circular Economy: will it become the standard for strategic procurement in future?          
Our world knows it has to become more sustainable and Circular Sourcing can become a major contribution from Procurement:

Factoring in the disposal of goods before purchase, and considering the true total cost of ownership, seems common sense.

So why is it not yet common-practice? How can we work to make it so, and how are the APCC jurisdictions embracing circular sourcing today?

Glenn Bain, Chairman – APCC And Executive Group Manager, Commercial Engagement & Governance, ACT

BUY LOCAL: Using procurement as an instrument of policy to deliver broader benefits to Australia
Large scale public procurement today offers the opportunity to think again: particularly, how public procurement can deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to Australia – far beyond simple savings.

The impact that spending public money can have, through a public procurement ecosystem even, can be far greater than the sum of its parts.

Yet this demands not just strong policy, flexible processes and a new mindset for procurement officers, but also market opportunity and demand management.

These are some of the challenges that the ‘Future Made in Australia Office,’ within the Department of Finance, is addressing in working towards investing in a future for all Australians, as it coordinates the implementation of the Buy Australian Plan across the Australian Public Service.

Sabrena King, A/Assistant Sec, Department of Finance

INNOVATION: How to Eliminate The 7 Largest Pain Points in large tenders
Automatic tenders feel like a procurement manager’s dream. RFTs that send themselves and then evaluate responses for you, highlighting the gaps, sorting sales guff from hard facts, validating submitted data, automating graphs, comparing compliance standards with requirements and managing the copious volume of large public tenders. Even start the scoring for you.

This ‘dream’ is much closer to reality than you think …  Technology today can help you automate your tenders in a relevant and pre-prescribed way and mitigate substantially the 7 largest pain points of large tenders.

And RFTs without PDFs, WORD or Excel – can be better, faster, and more secure …

Rob Wade, Director, Simply Logical


TECHNOLOGY & SUSTAINABILITY; Driving Change with Sustainable Procurement    
Sustainability is now on the agenda of every organisation, from global players to Governments and even the smallest supplier. The lessons from within Ivalua’s clients demonstrate that Procurement teams can really drive environmental and social change.

This session will explore the concrete actions and the strategy needed by Procurement to reduce Scope 3 emission and build strong supply chains.

Alongside a strong procurement strategy, the right enabling technology is critical as it can drive the right behaviours, save money and improve supplier relationships.

The world is changing fast, learn how companies are transforming Procurement to meet local and global sustainability challenges.

Stephen Carter, Director, Product Marketing IVALUA

VALUE over COST SAVINGS: How CASG deliver VALUE beyond cost savings for the Australian Defence budget (tba)   
The Defence Strategic Review published recently brings yet more work for CASG – the procurement arm of the Department of Defence responsible for acquisition, supply chain management, and sustainment of military equipment and materiel including all forms of supply for the Australian Defence Force.

CASG employs more than 7000 military, civilian and contracted staff in more than 70 locations around Australia and internationally, how does the CASG team deliver value for the ADF beyond cost savings?

David Brinton, Executive Director Commercial Policy & Practice, Deputy Function Lead  – Commercial Function, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) , Australian Government –  Department of Defence (tbc)        

The impact of cognitive biases on procurement: How to minimise errors and achieve better procurement outcomes

Planning and carrying out procurement relies on a number of decisions being made along the way. From assigning the right people to the procurement, to selecting the best clauses for your contract, and ultimately choosing your supplier – procurement outcomes are only as good as the decisions we make.

However, the human mind is not a perfect decision-making machine. Cognitive biases – instances where our minds make systemic deviations from rationality – can impact our decisions both on a conscious and unconscious level. Yet when we’re using public resources to carry out procurement, our decisions need to be reasonable, defensible, and made using the best available information.

In this presentation, understand some of the most common cognitive biases that can impact the procurement process – and what you can do to minimise their impact and achieve better outcomes

Sean King, Co-Founder & Director and Twoey Jones, Senior Advisor, Proximity


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO, PASA

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