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Building Future Profitability in Mid-Market Companies – Art of Procurement

Building Profitability In Mid Market Companies

In the world of business, mid-market companies are often seen as a goldmine of untapped potential and ambitious growth. For procurement professionals, this presents a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on organisations of this size. 

Art of Procurement recently discussed the potential of mid-market success with Claus Gruenewald, Global Head Partner Business SAP Intelligent Spend Solutions, and Conor Mullaney, Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador in a podcast episode, “Building Future Profitability with Mid-market Business Ecosystems.”

Read some key takeaways and actionable strategies inspired by the conversation that procurement teams in mid-market companies can use to have a positive impact on the business and position themselves as a mission-critical partner in growth.

Topics covered include: 

  • Embracing technology for streamlined processes and better decision-making
  • Implementing strategic sourcing to optimize supplier relationships and drive procurement performance
  • Fostering collaboration with suppliers to drive innovation and maximize value
  • Proactively managing supply chain risks through assessment and contingency planning
  • Investing in talent development to build a skilled procurement team
  • Embracing continuous improvement by evaluating processes and seeking feedback.
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