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Report: Building a Future-Proof Marketing Procurement Strategy

In previous years, Marketing Procurement has struggled with reputation of being a purely cost motivated function. However, as marketing technologies continue to advance, frontrunners have become acutely aware that Marketing and Procurement must see eye to eye on innovative new marketing techniques and technologies if they’re going to keep up with the digital revolution.

In 2019, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of Marketing Procurement from major brands across Europe to find out how leading companies have been procuring effective tools for a modern marketing strategy, and what challenges they’re facing to implement them. The report covers:

  • The biggest priorities for procurement organisations
  • Whether businesses are aligning their global and local business area requirements
  • Which marketing categories do businesses spend most on

Key findings from the 2019 report:

  • 37% of respondents are focusing on internal initiatives to create a more sustainable and diverse procurement process
  • 22% of respondents expect the biggest growth in spend to be on experiential marketing
  • One third of respondents have an in-house agency model or joint venture, and a further 40% are considering one

Download the full report here.

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