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Become the Lean-agile Procurement Champion in your Organisation

Competitive Advantage via Lean-Agile Procurement – Two Day Certification Workshop
18th & 19th September 2019
Sydney CBD

The Lean-agile procurement movement is creating great waves in Europe, with this new methodology being heralded as a “game-changer” for procurement.

Benefits include, but are not limited to,

• Improved Time to Market (days/weeks rather than months)
• Agile allows us to better evaluate people and culture
• Traditional approaches cost us a lot of money in resourcing, writing, evaluating and admin
• They cost suppliers a lot of money which gets added to the cost of any solution/service
• Agile provides an opportunity for collaboration to ensure all parties are clear on the opportunity and each solution is comparable

The founder of the Lean-Agile Procurement methodology, Mirko Kleiner, is coming to Australia in September to conduct a two-day certification workshop in partnership with PASA. Details here

Become the Champion in your Organisation

By attending this workshop you will become a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) Specialist (Credential 1), acquiring the capability to become the lean-agile champion in your organisation.

The workshop will introduce you to the “Lean Procurement Canvas” and teach you how to apply it in a pragmatic way to deliver greater value to your customers and a better return on investment. You will learn how to reduce delivery times of sourcing projects from months to weeks (or even days).

Register Now

Due to the intense, interactive nature of the workshop, spaces are strictly limited. Only a few remain. Make sure you don’t miss out by registering today.

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About Mirko Kleiner

Mirko is co-founder of flowdays, an international cooperative of agile coaches based in Switzerland and Germany that helps companies with their agile transformation. Mirko is the thought leader of the global Lean-Agile Procurement movement, steward of the Business Agility Library on procurement and an expert on business agility.


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