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ANZ procurement industry sees a dip in contractor numbers following several successive periods of growth

Contractor Dip

Procurement has seen overall contractor numbers decrease slightly over the most recent quarter following several successive periods of growth, according to Cozens Mabel.

The specialist Australian recruitment firm says there are a number of reasons driving this, including an increase in contractors moving to permanent roles.

As unemployment rates remain low and with a general shortage of talent across the procurement and supply chain markets, organisations have been offering contractors permanent positions which has proved to be a successful recruitment strategy for more than 12 months now.

As the 2024 financial year introduced new budgets and a range of strategic uplift plans to deliver, this led to a high increase in contractor engagements to support these initiatives from July to December last year. 

Cozens Mabel says that although additional contractors were engaged over the last quarter, the volume has not matched the second half of 2023.

However, company director Ilsa Cozens says that she is still seeing a range of talented candidates who are in permanent roles but are happy to consider contract positions. 

“Again, there are a range of factors that may influence these candidates to consider contract roles, including genuine opportunities to further their careers, increased short-term financial benefits and the flexibility that comes with contract roles, which really suits certain candidates at different times in their careers,” she says.

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