An Introduction to Lean-agile Procurement with Mirko Kleiner

Two special briefings to introduce you to how agile is reinventing procurement

9.00 – 11.30am, 23rd July 2020
Karstens, 111 Harrington St, Sydney NSW 2000

9.00-11.30am, 24th July 2020
Karstens, 123 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Many of you will have heard about ‘Lean-agile procurement’; but what is it really about and what opportunities does it present? This special briefing session will be conducted by Mirko Kleiner, the founder of the lean agile procurement movement and Lean Agile Procurement Alliance. Based in Switzerland, Mirko will be in Australia for one week only, to deliver the Lean-Agile Procurement Certification Workshop on 24th & 25th March in Sydney and to conduct these briefings with PASA.

The interactive briefing session will provide answers to questions such as:

  • How does lean agile procurement differ from traditional procurement?
  • What opportunities does it present?
  • When might it be applicable to use lean agile procurement?
  • What is the Lean Procurement Canvas?
  • What sort of benefits and outcomes would you expect through adopting LAP?

During the briefing Mirko will present an award winning case study on how CKW Group achieved 400% Increase in Time-to-Market.

The award-winning success of the CKW Group is a striking lesson in how to achieve significant improvement in time-to-market, risk reduction and improving spend through radical focus to customer value.

The presentation will be followed by extensive discussion on the questions above and the many others that attendees raise on the day.

Who should attend?

Procurement professional – who interested in learning how to deliver greater value, greater speed and better outcomes.

Suppliers – who are going to have to learn how to respond to Lean Agile Procurement methods.


  •  Standard ticket: $95.00 plus GST (AUD)
  • CIPS member: $70.00 plus GST (AUD)
  • PASA Connect Members attend Free

About Mirko Kleiner

  • President & thought leader, Lean-Agile Procurement Alliance
  • Co-Founder, Board Member, Agile Enterprise Coach, Trainer, Interim Leader, Flowdays
  • Guest Lecturer in Agile@Procurement at Executive MBA, EIPM – The European Institute of Purchasing Management

Mirko Kleiner is the creator of lean-agile procurement (short LAP). At the beginning of 2016 he asked himself if procurement couldn’t be more fun and lean, in other words just pure agile?

The result – LAP – promises new options for procurement!

He is co-founder of flowdays and owner of WAI.O.BLUE and work as an independent agile coach and ad interim manager. He has long been an avowed Agilist (Agile Evangelist), but also flexible if necessary to adopt to the given surrounding conditions. After over 17 years of professional experience in various positions in distributed organizations, large scale projects and different cultures (India, Russia, Serbia, Romania, West-EU), he is known as an expert in setting up and managing distributed agile organizations and solving their challenges.

As an agile coach on enterprise level he is currently engaged in agile transformations in companies of all sizes. In pr actice he saw, that sales/procurement organizations still miss an appr oach to ca tch up with incr eased market demands like e.g. time-to-market, innovation, complexity, etc. Lean-agile procurement (LAP) fills this gap and became a global movement with many success stories.

LAP isn’t just an improvement of current practices, it’s more a disruption: What used to take MONTHS now needs just DAYS!

Mirko predicts that businesses with adaptive partner ecosystems will have a competitive advantage, making a new, more agile approach for sales/procurement essential.