Aligning Procurement/ Supply Strategy to the Business Strategy





20th April | 9.00am to 2.00pm

Supply chain design and procurement priorities should support and align with business strategies. This short course sets out just how these connections can be implemented, emphasising the element of measuring and metrics as a key element of achieving alignment. Using best practice examples from multiple sectors, participants will be able to use our frameworks in breakout sessions to reconsider their procurement/ supply priorities to effectively align with whole of business strategies, and hence deliver more value.

We will show how the organisations purpose and basis for competitive advantage can best be connected in the value chain to how procurement and supply can and should be designed and structured. From knowing the basis for overall competitive advantage, known as ‘order winning criteria’ we will derive and use metrics to guide aligned and consistent procurement decision priorities. Much use of examples will enrich understanding and a workshop will give participants the opportunity to ‘take home’ the frameworks. Finally, we will use a validated assessment framework to give each participant a self-assessed guide to strengths and weaknesses of their procurement functions capability to achieve and implement this strategic alignment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Ability to know/ deduce organisational priorities and competitive advantage priorities, and translate them into procurement actions
  2. Understanding of procurements strategic contribution to the organisation
  3. Ability to translate strategic positions into decision criteria in procurement
  4. Understanding of procurement capability and alignment, both strengths and opportunities for improvement
  5. Knowledge of how your procurement function and activity can improve its contribution to the organisation

Who should attend:

  1. Procurement and supply leaders and managers
  2. Analysts who design and manage metrics and performance
  3. Organisational strategists and general managers who wish to empower their procurement functions and add to their contribution
  4. Emerging and early career procurement staff who wish to understand how procurement can best connect to other parts of the organisation’s efforts

Your Facilitator

Danny Samson, Professor and CoEditor in Chief at Operations Management Research